Berry happy winners, a Royal reminder and #bakeforjapan

Good Monday morning! A short and sweet post today.

I’m pleased to announce the two lucky winners of my California Giant Berry Farms giveaway:

and Marly:
Congrats ladies – I will be in touch for your details!

Secondly, don’t forget, there’s still time to submit your contributions for this month’s Forever Nigella event – a Royal Street Party! Your dishes don’t have to be complicated – look what I brought and it took me just over an hour to put these four dishes together:

Click here for all the details on how to contribute. I look forward to seeing what you bring!

Lastly, I am so proud to have contributed to the fabulous Toronto Bakes for Japan event this past weekend. Here’s what I sent to sell:

The bake sales across the city raised well in excess of the $10 000 goal: $20,661.41 and still counting! – a fabulous effort.  Pat yourselves on the back, Toronto bakers and a huge congrats to Heena and Niya for pulling this together.

15 thoughts on “Berry happy winners, a Royal reminder and #bakeforjapan”

  1. Congrats on such a successful bake sale! That’s so fantastic that you were able to surpass your goal 😀 I wish I could have been there to contribute.

    Also congrats to the winners of the berry giveaway.

  2. The results from the bake sale are wonderful! Love your labels! The street party is going to rock with your fabulous additions. Have a great week Mardi.

  3. So much fun stuff crammed into this post! Most importantly, glad to see #bakeforjapan was such a big hit and your macarons (and blood, sweat and tears) were a part of it!
    I’ve never been into the whole British wedding-palooza, but a street event with food like that, I could be persuaded 😉

  4. Yay! I’m so excited for my berries! I’ll have to sit down and think about what I want to make…

    Secondly, great work on the bake sale. I’m so proud to be a part of a community with such a big heart.


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