All you need is cheese and wine

Mmmm – doesn’t that look good?

And how about when it’s paired with this?

Last weekend, my sister and I spent an afternoon learning all about great wine and cheese pairings, courtesy of the kind folks at Rosewood Estates Winery and The Dairy Farmers of Canada, as part of the Salut Toronto Seminar Series.

You can read the full write up over on Spotlight Toronto, where I will be writing occasionally.  If you need any more incentive than WINE and CHEESE to click over, can I just say there was a CHOCOLATE cheese.. Oh yeah!

Read, enjoy, leave me a comment over there!

26 thoughts on “All you need is cheese and wine”

  1. Hubby is in the cheese business…so do you think we live and breathe cheese? Everything I cook and bake comes with Hubby’s awkward and not surprising question: “Will there be cheese in it”?
    Now chocolate and cheese…Hmm…sounds promising!
    BTW…at DayDreamerDesserts I commented on the Donna Hay discovery. Confession time…I also did the Donna Hay Who?
    Well, it’s all part of my culinary journey ;o)
    I’m looking forward to future posts.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  2. This reminds me of a precious find last summer in Sonoma. A fantastic little cheese and wine shop on the most quaint side street with impeccable information and service. All local artisan cheeses and – of course, local wines. It was a perfect afternoon lunch… followed by a small artichoke dish. It was artichoke season! I agree with you. YUM.
    On a side note, I haven’t heard from you on my site in ages. I know you would have enjoyed reading about The Fat Duck and our experience there – as well as many others we had in London – Bertinet Baking School etc.

  3. OK, I must know. What’s chocolate cheese taste like?? I love stinky cheese, runny cheese, sharp cheese, mild cheese, most any kind, and well, my feelings about chocolate border on the crazed, but the combo? Hmmm. Got to know how it tasted and what texture was like.

    AND — meeting you tomorrow at noon at Stanton Social unless I hear otherwise, right?

  4. CHOCOLATE Cheese? I’m sorry I can never get used to the odd mix of savoury and sweet in the same product or dish. Perhaps this was brought on when I first saw my grandfather (on my father’s side) eat a sandwich with cheese and jam. I was a child and I was disgusted. Then there’s peanut paste (butter to you north Americans) and jam (jelly) – nah…. can’t come at it. Sorry

  5. Another fantastic event. I my palette for cheese has been evolving over the last 10 years, I really do love certain cheeses and wine… well, who doesn’t love wine!


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