Tuesdays with Dorie: Double-Decker Salted Caramel Cake from Baking with Dorie

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe comes from Baking with Dorie. Double-Decker Salted Caramel Cake wasn’t one I was particularly fussed about (especially a whole cake serving 10) but it turns out that I had a recipe to test for Leite’s Culinaria that went perfectly with this – a salted caramel frosting, slightly different from Dorie’s recipe but one that would still work here. Therefore, for the first time in FOREVER, I made the full recipe (and was reminded of why I love minifying things so much – there was SO MUCH CAKE – and still is – and everything takes so much longer!).

Case in point: At 43 minutes (Dorie calls for 40-44 minutes bake time), the cake was still raw inside…

Took 55 minutes bake time total and afterwards, I was chatting with Steph who baked this, cleverly, in two smaller cake pans – mine ended up being *slightly* over-baked with a tighter crumb than Dorie’s photo shows and it was a little bit too caramelised around the edges for me (noone else complained). It’s basically a brown sugar cake with swirls of salted caramel sauce through it and it was a *nice enough* cake but I don’t know I’d make it again.

The frosting I used differs slightly from Dorie’s in that you beat in soft butter to the room-temperature caramel sauce and this frosting was SO good. Very soft, fluffy and not”glaze-like” as in the photo in Baking with Dorie. To be honest I wondered about Dorie’s frosting recipe being too sweet as it called for icing sugar to be beaten into the caramel sauce. I’m interested to hear what others thought.

This was such a HUGE cake – gave away six huge slices to neighbours, had two slices each so far and there are still at least two slices left. I think Dorie’s right that it is best the day it’s eaten, the texture is better. This frosting holds up ok in the fridge though which is good to know.

Get the recipe for Double-Decker Salted Caramel Cake on p 99 of Baking with Dorie.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Double-Decker Salted Caramel Cake from Baking with Dorie”

  1. What a nice photo of your cake. It was delicious (big caramel lovers here) and although not your favorite, or even one you would have chosen, thank you for going along as it was a wonderful birthday treat for me. You are right, though, it was very sweet, so not something of an every day cake, and it helps if you have others to pass along good portions of it as it could be counted as an overindulgence very quickly.

  2. It’d have saved me a lot of trouble if I’ve read your comment about the baking time. Everything you said about the baking time is true, exactly how I’ve experienced after baking the cake twice. For that reason, this cake recipe is a no-go!

  3. I agree with you on this one. I also baked mine longer than the stated time. Luckily I have people to share my baking with. I cut mine into 12 slices which still seemed big to me. I liked Dorie’s version of the frosting.

  4. Well, even with a large cake…I only got to try a small sliver as it was all given to my family and friend to try. Everyone on my end loved it haha..I always think it is so interesting how recipes fare with each of us and our groups tasting them. Sorry it wasn’t a total winner with you.


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