From Italy, with love

I received my latest parcel from the foodie exchange (you can check out my previous parcels here)!  What a nice surprise it was too, arriving at the end of a long week fraught with technical difficulties on my blog and generally one of the busiest weeks I have had at school in a while….  Anyway, I digress.

This parcel is courtesy of Giulia at Juls Kitchen – a delightful blog that you should definitely check out.  It’s full of Italian goodness – just like this parcel:

My goodness – so excited to try this – chocolate with almonds.  Plus, if Giulia loves it, well…

I might have a hard time getting any of these.  Neil collects little packages of candies like these when we travel…

Mmmm – a pasta sauce mix you simply add water and oil to.  Funny, we have literally JUST run out of our stash!

I was so excited to find some precious strands of saffron too!  No pics though because my camera simply wouldn’t cooperate with such a tiny subject.  We put it to good use though last night and made Mushroom Risotto with Juls’ saffron:

Thanks Juls!  Now I am nervous as to what on earth could come close to this stylish and delicious care package…

Want in on the foodie exchange group?  Check it out here.

18 thoughts on “From Italy, with love”

  1. Loving the layout of your website, by the way! Very nice!
    I need saffron, and didn’t get enough when I was in Spain. I love how european packaging is very minimal, but with character. It is not about big flashy stuff, or wasting plastic for the sake of plastic. It is just functionally pretty.

    • Thanks – we’re loving risotto right now – it’s not as difficult as everyone thinks and when people come over for dinner they always end up in the kitchen so all that stirring etc.. does not take me away from the party!

  2. Mr. Neil *heart* Julia for those mints! And the pasta spices, which as Mardi said I had just used up…the only time I tend to make vegetarian pasta is with these. Mmm.


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