7 thoughts on “Where on earth….”

  1. Seriously, who ARE these crazy people who lie down there, waiting for this great bull to come stomp on them. I mean, how SILLY!

    Ahem. Cough.


  2. Okay, I cheated, I click first, and now I'm leaving a comment. I originally thought this was in Spain, for the running of the bulls. You are a Taurus after all. 🙂

  3. Is it Spain and the annual running of the bulls? My friend who was a travel writer at the paper I worked at actually did a story on that. Everyone chided him, though, for basically stepping into a doorway when all the action got going. Too funny!

  4. Best Family – well you KNEW before!

    Neil – ahem indeed!

    Diana – thanks!

    FLB – Yes, I am a Taurus but I wouldn't have been the one running with the bulls!

    Carolyn – Neil would give anything to run in Pamplona…

  5. Indeed, the timing of Pamplona just doesn't work well for me. So this was a bit of a "poor man's substitute". But in a way I suspect much more fun, as there were hardly any foreign – or even out-of-region – tourists.


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