Is it a ….

Ok, so yesterday, I thought I was pretty clever in my Hallowe’en “costume” (even more so because it did not involve any work!!!).

But look what my friend Martha sent me last night:

Yup, those are her sons’ costumes drying in the front garden. A golf ball and a lemon (“I have quirky kids” she says!!). How awesome are they??? Congrats to Wayne for getting elbow deep in papier mâché to make these!

Happy Hallowe’en everyone (though it’s currently drizzling rain here – boo to that!). Let’s hope I give away all the candy tonight so I don’t feel compelled to get it out of the house eat it next week!

Don’t forget – you have until Sunday, November 1st to “buzz” my Pesto deconstructed pizzas here so I can demo my menu item in the Bertolli Sauce kitchen at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco on November 7th!


6 thoughts on “Is it a ….”

  1. Oh my god, are these costumes cool, esp. the lemon. And I was bragging to Phin because I "sewed" a piece of elastic on Mooch's storebought costume. The best one I saw on a kid today was an incredible super-size box of McD's french fries.

  2. Happy Halloween! No trick-or-treating over these parts last night, but much costume-wearing was enjoyed 😀

  3. Thanks everyone – I am looking forward to seeing the photos of the boys in their costumes which must be even cuter!!

  4. Bonus points to Mardi for spelling Hallowe'en correctly (traditionally). One of my pet peeves…along with those who now erroneously truncate to Hawaii and Valetine's Day.

    We had some great costumes come to our porch…the Google screen ranked high on the list, or the repairman (using box as a washer), or the parent with newborn – it wrapped as little lamb, so walking around she dressed as Mary. Dishonourable mention to the teenager who said he was dressed as "a rapper". Can someone say regular school clothes?…


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