Chocolate excitement!

Did you know that October 28th was National Chocolate Day? Me neither. Apparently the PR folks who are handling some new products by Cadbury do because look what arrived at my school yesterday for me to review for the blog:

Cadbury* Hot Chocolate Drink Maker

The Cadbury* Hot Chocolate Drink Maker heats, melts, mixes and froths your favourite hot chocolate ingredients to perfection. Mix milk with small pieces of Cadbury* chocolate and/or your favourite flavoured syrups to create an indulgent treat. The Cadbury* Hot Chocolate Drink maker allows you to create unique hot chocolate beverages that will satisfy the chocolate lover within you. Giles & Posner has included recipes with the Cadbury*Hot Chocolate Drink Maker to make seasonal entertaining even easier.

Cadbury* 227g Milk & Dark Fondue Chocolate

This multi-use melting chocolate is designed for use in chocolate fountains, fondue sets, baking and more. Available in milk and dark chocolate formations, and packed in a practical 227g pouch, this special formula chocolate is the perfect add-on product for the Cadbury* Chocolate Fountain and Fondue Sets.

Cadbury Caramilk Fondue set

The Cadbury* Caramilk* Fondue Set features two compartments so that a combination of fondue fillings can be used. It is designed to have Cadbury* Chocolate in one of the compartments and Cadbury* Caramilk* caramel in the other. The fondue set can be used with the Cadbury* Caramilk* “Fondue Fillers”, which includes a packet of Cadbury* chocolate and a packet of delicious Cadbury* caramel, creating the experience of a Cadbury* Caramilk* candy bar.

Cadbury* Caramilk* Fondue Fillers

Suggested add-on product for use with Cadbury* Caramilk* Fondue Set or on its own with dipping products. This product includes a packet of Cadbury* Caramilk* caramel and a packet of Cadbury* chocolate. Both packets are microwaveable and they can be used in isolation or with a Cadbury* Caramilk* Fondue Set.

*Trademark of Cadbury UK Limited and related companies, used under license.

(info courtesy of Giles and Posner)

This delivery caused much excitement – it happened to arrive in the middle of the day of Parent Teacher interviews and people were in need of a chocolate fix!! I didn’t crack them open though – was too busy to sit down and really appreciate it! Watch out over the next few days though because it won’t be long…

There is just one more day to vote for ELTW for Best New Blog! click here! Voting closes at the end of the day today, Thursday October 29th.

You have until Sunday, November 1st to “buzz” my Pesto deconstructed pizzas
here so I can demo my menu item in the Bertolli Sauce kitchen at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco on November 7th!


19 thoughts on “Chocolate excitement!”

  1. Chocolate excitement precisely, guess who's having burnt offerings for dinner. Mardi your blog is certinly a distraction, but a very enjoyable one at that. Blow the fondue, think how cool it would be if Arnott's had something similar that could punch out Tim Tams……….

  2. If you need any help with 'reviewing' these products, I'm available Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and most evenings! Have a wonderful time at Foodbuzz and best of luck with the Bertolli menu and your nomination!!

  3. Tangled Noodle (great name) beat me to those good wishes. Have a blast and best of luck. Are you going to pull a Kathy Griffin and tell Jesus to suck it if you win? Or cause a big scene? Maybe pull a Kanye?
    Kidding. I know you have too much class. And NO, I didn't know it was National Chocolate Day. Can I celebrate retroactively?

  4. Tami – mmmm – tip tams!

    Fresh Local – oh yeah!

    Tangled Noodle – LOL!

    Jen, Steph – yum yum yum!

    Kablooey – you are too much!

    Duo – I KNOW!!

  5. Jenn – Oh yes, I could go for a big mug right now too!

    5 Star – It was most appreciated in this, the neverending week!

    Mum – Yes you would enjoy it 🙂

  6. Oh how cool! I must have known it was chocolate day, subconsciously, as I found myself somehow eating chocolate. I now know the heavens were aligning for this to occur and it was definitely not due to any lapse in self control, no siree.

  7. agjh gfd s

    Whoops sorry – that was Cleo attempting to add a comment. Don't ask me WHAT she was trying to type.

    Did I see a "with thanks to neil's connections re the PR goodies"? No? Oh, must have been a rushed oversight…


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