Polish Festival 2009

It’s the annual Polish Festival in our neighbourhood this weekend, so Neil and I had our traditional Saturday at the Polish Festival lunch:

Polish sausage in a bun and pierogies (Neil).

Cheddar cheese pierogies (for me).

Up close, dunking in the sour cream. Mmmmm…

6 thoughts on “Polish Festival 2009”

  1. mmm pierogies…love street fairs – always miss Taste of the Danforth since I've moved to NYC…(though here I feel like there's a street fair every weekend!)

  2. High/Low – The grass is always greener, eh? We would give our eye teeth to live in NYC where there is always something foodie-related happening!

  3. Hi Mardi,
    Where is this at? Is this at Bloor West Village. I saw Bloor from South Kingsway and Runnymede closed off the other day…

  4. Jen – it's on Roncesvalles. On Bloor West it's the Ukrainian Festival this weekend – not sure why they had them on the same day…

  5. Mmmm Polish food is so yummy and comforting. We have a restaurant down the street called Polonia that is SO cute and has the most to die for (and fattening!) food.

  6. traveleatlove – Polish food is something we probably only eat once or twice a year, despite living in a Polish neighbourhood… It IS delicious but yes.. errr… rather calorific!


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