Garlic scape pesto à la Dorie

So garlic scapes are only available in June huh? Well tell that to my organic fruit and veg delivery people who delivered a heaping bag of them last week… Hmmm… what to do with them???

Then all of a sudden as I was reading Megan’s blog over on The Sweet Spoonful where she posted about pesto, I remembered that I had found a garlic scape pesto recipe sometime back in June when I couldn’t find them anywhere here in Toronto… A bit more Google Reader action revealed that Maria from Fresh Eats had made the said pesto, based on a recipe that originally appeared on Dorie Greenspan’s site.

So simple yet so flavourful – you roughly chop the scapes and puree them with the almonds, parmesan and olive oil:

Our Cuisinart wasn’t cooperating so well that night so our pesto came out a little chunky but that was fine. I heated it up a little:

And served it on whole wheat spaghetti with chopped fresh tomatoes (no, not ours…):


And colourful! Like the green garlic we had earlier in the summer, it was garlicky in the mouth but the taste didn’t linger for hours afterwards, which was nice…

I see they’re still on offer with our organics people – guess the weird cold weather this summer just threw them off schedule a bit. If you see them, buy them and try this recipe!

19 thoughts on “Garlic scape pesto à la Dorie”

  1. Penny, not sure it's the right time of year down there but hey, with the seasons all messed up these days who knows??? Good luck and post if you find them. I think they would go well with Asian flavours too..

  2. I wish I had seen this when I got garlic scapes from my CSA this summer – I grilled them whole and didn't like the flavor at all – would have definitely loved your recipe though!

    I'll save it for next year! 😀

  3. Hey girl-
    Thanks for the shout-out. This looks really nice! I hadn't heard of garlic scapes before, but now they're on my radar…

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you enjoyed it. Dorie delivers, doesn't she?

    One of my favorite farmers at Eastern Market in Detroit still has loads of scapes – he told me they grew tons of extra this year to meet the demand.

    If you grow garlic, the scape will shoot up from the center of the plant. If you pick it, it apparently makes the garlic bulb healthier and stronger.

  5. Mary Laure – the garlic scape is actually the stalk of the garlic that you cut off.

    Chinese Girl – give it a try – you will be pleasantly surprised with the taste!

  6. I listened to all who said this was available only early in the season. Gaaah! I stopped looking for them – wonder what I've missed? This looks delicious!

  7. Looks excellent with pasta! you were lucky to get the garlic scapes now! I had some back in June and also made pesto with them.

  8. i've never even heard of these, but if i do ever see them in the market, i am totally getting them – your pesto looks delicious!


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