Lemon-scented quinoa salad

Was wondering what to do with my green garlic that arrived in this week’s organic delivery….

I had made this chick-pea quinoa salad, courtesy of 101 cookbooks, before and it was delicious – I thought I might just substitute the red onion for my green garlic…. It was an excellent substitute – I made the recipe to the letter, but used two of the green garlic stalks and parts of the bulb.

It was so sweet – like a cross between garlic and scallions (spring onions) but without the aftertaste… Went beautifully with the tart lemon zest and juice.

So delicious:

And served it with Todaysmenu smothered chicken (a tomato-basil-pine nut sauce):

4 thoughts on “Lemon-scented quinoa salad”

  1. this looks utterly scrumptious! I have some green garlic in the cupboard and have been trying to find a recipe that does it justice – this totally fits the bill. Thanks!

  2. It WAS scrumptious, I must say.

    The chicken was excellent, too – another success from Todaysmenu.ca (no surprise).

    All washed down with a delightful 2004 Chateau Bouissel. (AC Fonton, using the obscure Negrette grape.)

  3. i don't think i've ever seen green garlic before – very interesting! the salad looks delicious. i love cold summer salads like this.

  4. I love green garlic! My friend Brian Streeter is the chef at Cakebread Cellars and he does this totally simple, totally delicious hors d'oeurves with green garlic. He slices it, sautes it in a little olive oil and serves it on top of crostini spread with teleme. It's so delicious and because you can only make it for a tiny window of time, it seems really special.


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