Things I love about Paris #1

Number 1 in what is sure to be a recurring series….

Inspired by David Lebovitz’ recent post, here’s my list of things I love about Paris:

1. The bread.

I am not a big bread eater here in Canada but I DO enjoy a freshly baked baguette. Especially when it’s delivered to the apartment by Neil in his stripey sailor top!

As well as from the baguette, I also miss pains au chocolat, petits pains aux noix. Also something called a couque suisse in Belgium which is a gooey, custardy pastry with chocolate chips folded into the custard. I mean, seriously…

2. The coffee.

And not just at fancy cafés. Any old tabac can give you a halfway decent cup.

3. The yoghurt.

This one “nourishes your skin from the inside”. Nuff said.

Why can’t we have yoghurt in cute glass jars too?

4. Amazing supermarket desserts.

I mean President’s Choice does a great job but who doesn’t love a crème brûlée in a little terracotta pot?

5. L’apéro.

I mean, how civilised?

Paired with some saucisson? C’est parfait!

7. Les sandwiches

And no it’s not “just” a ham and cheese sandwich. It’s perfection.

8. The cereals

Even the “healthy ones” manage to sneak some chocolate in there!

9. The architecture.

Not the greatest piece of photography but twas the view from my bedroom a couple of years ago when I was in Paris doing courses for my MA. Sigh.

10. Le métro.

I know the métro has it’s issues but when you live in Toronto, any city that has more than three subway lines feels quite luxurious!

6 thoughts on “Things I love about Paris #1”

  1. why don't "fitness" and "chocolate" seem to go together in my little corner of the world?
    oh, and those cute glass yogurt jars? my house would be full of them if we could get such things.

  2. I must admit, the bread would be a biggie for me as well. Of course the cheese is so much more "available" than here, but the bread…yumm. (Yes, some wonderful artisanal cheeses coming from Quebec – but all dearly expensive in canada due to the power of the marketing boards, alas.)

  3. My wife and I are off to Paris again this Friday. Last year we spent our New Years eve celebration at a small cafe with enough wine for the year.We miss the baguettes, so I guess we will continue to travel to Paris. Viva la France. You two are very informative, thanks for your help.
    Bobby/Gloria Sobel
    Blue Wave Cinema/Theater Group


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