Qu’est-ce que c’est Part II

Ok so the mystery is over… These ingredients turned into this:

What is it?

Why it’s Seafood Newburg, of course! Out latest offering from Culinary School. You can find a bunch of recipes here but even though I was on the rice portion of the evening, I can tell you there was lobster tail, prawns, scallops, butter, shallots, cream, butter, vélouté sauce, butter, white wine, sherry, cognac and butter (the “butter” thing is a bit of a running joke in our culinary classes. Chef Kylie LOVES to cook with the butter – as she says, “this is not the healthy living class”! and we are very happy about that!).

With ingredients like that, how could it NOT taste amazing? I unfortunately did not get to partake as I was at my end of year party for work, but the reviews were extremely complimentary.

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