Fiddleheads revisited…

A blog reader, Shelley who is originally from New Brunswick, emailed me the following information after reading my Fiddleheads post from a few weeks ago:

“Being from New Brunswick this is one of the things that spring has in store – you pick them wild and take them home clean them up and then – obtain a cast iron fry pan, an old wood stove and start heating the pan, after washing and cleaning up the fiddeheads throw some fresh ground pepper and a little salt if you like some fresh garlic and whoosh throw into the cast iron pan…..keep an eye on them as they can cook fast and you do not want to over cook – they are in some ways a little like asparagus, you do not want to over cook. Not wanting to be mushy. So good …….there is the full blown version which is go early pick the fiddleheads fresh, go to the nearest farmers cow field and pick fresh mushrooms. take them home and wash your wares, get wood stove ready and pan ready ………cook cook cook…….oh my, I am now homesick and hungry……..Just thought you would like to know as there are some of us out there that really love these things funny looking as they are…..one more thing……these are really good when they are not too mature (as in too big) others like to have them with a great hunk of fried Mackerel and mashed potatoes ……

Thanks for the info Shelley! I really think they are an acquired taste….

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