I *heart* macarons!

Not macaroons, the coconut flavoured North American imposter with a deceptively similar name. No, macarons.


The ones above were actually brought back from Laudrée in Paris by a parent at my school who knows and understands about my macaron addiction. This same parent gave me a gift certificate and three sample macarons from Chabichou in Toronto which I m saving for a rainy day…. They sell cheese as well…. Mmmmm.

(Side note re: Laudrée – Neil and I will SO be going to Laudrée le bar this Christmas.)

In looking through my photos from the previous summers, I found A LOT of photos of macarons… Here are a few:

This past March, I attempted to make them. I knew it wouldn’t be easy – even David Lebovitz had trouble… With my friend Cathy, we just decided that we would go for it. And I think we got lucky:

Certainly not perfect but a damn good first try…

A week later, I tried again:


Most definitely a challenge I have set for myself this summer. Unfortunately looks like time won’t permit them to be attempted until August. Unless my mum would be willing to give up her kitchen for a few hours when I am in Sydney….

9 thoughts on “I *heart* macarons!”

  1. I've only tried once… and it was even more disastrous than your second time! But I'm willing to do it again… some time, when I gather the courage to… 🙂

  2. I too love macarons. I still dream of Pierre Herme's macarons in Paris. Have never made them myself – good for you for trying!

  3. I have to say they ones you made at our house in Michigan were quite nice. I know you were a bit more critical of them, but I thought they were quite nice.
    I also have to say, that while they are not the originals, I am a fan of the coconut macaroons as one of my top five Christmas cookies.

  4. I love macarons too but have never tried to make them. I know 2 great places in Toronto to buy them. Maracos in Yorkville and Petite Thuet on Yonge and King. I have pics of the macarons.

  5. Hi Mardi! Thank u for this post! I’ve made macarons once with Stella’s recipe and I could’ve cried bc I was so amazed at how great they turned out after reading so many discouraging posts/tutorials on them. I too suffered from hollow shells so I can’t wait to try your adjustments. Thank you! I’ll be sure to come back and rate the recipe as well!

    I read in another post of yours that u used liquid whites (straight from the fridge) with excellent results. Is there a particular reason why this wouldn’t be your preferred method/ingredient? Will I be able to use this recipe with the liquid whites as the only adjustment?


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