Everyday Adventures: 50 new ways to experience your hometown

Lonely Planet Everyday Adventures on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis is part of my Summer Reads 2018 series where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks”.

Need a holiday but can’t get away this summer? I’ve got the perfect book for you this week!

Are you like me and tend to be much better travelled in cities and countries other than the ones you live in? I was just chatting about this recently as I was taking a tour of Madrid (more on that coming in the next few weeks) and the guide admitted that one of the things she loved most about her job was that it allowed her to be a tourist in her own city – something not many of us get the chance to do. Too often we don’t take the time to explore the city we live in – I know I’m guilty of thinking “I can do that/ visit there anytime because I live here” but then I never do. Case in point: in over five years living in Paris, I visited the Louvre once. And only because I had out of town visitors staying.

How to fix this under-appreciation of our own cities? Enter Everyday Adventures: 50 new ways to experience your hometown!

From the publisher:

Weave a little wonder into daily life with these fun and challenging activities – and experience your local area in a whole new way. Invite friends on a social adventure, follow your senses somewhere new and embark on a cultural odyssey.

Lonely Planet shows you how to embrace the traveller spirit and discover a new side to where you live. For each activity, we tell you what to bring and provide simple, easy-to-follow instructions to make it a success. You’ll also find a case study from someone who’s completed it, as well as surprising facts and anecdotes that shed light on the history and science behind each quirky quest.

Sounds fun, right? Something a little different from, say, a regular guide book which many people might feel a little awkward using in their home town. This book shows you a number of different ways of exploring your hometown through a different lens than your usual commute-work-commute routine. It’s divided into five themed chapters, each offering a different perspective on your city with tons of ideas for activities to explore the city differently, depending on your mood.

Follow Your Senses offers ideas for exploring your city using all five of your senses – take a spa day at a friend’s house for a change of scenery, challenge yourself to look at the city through a macro lens, work your way through the cuisines of the world in your city in alphabetical order go foraging or take a night tour of your city.

Social Adventures has a bunch of fun suggestions for exploring your city with family and friends – see the city through the eyes of a child tour guide, go camping in your back yard, ask your social media followers and friends to suggest things to do in your city over the course of a day and follow their suggestions, spend 24 hours living someone else’s life, take a tour of local bars based on each bar staff’s tips or simply book yourself into a hotel in your city and live like a tourist for 24 hours.

Challenge Yourself  has ten ways to test your boundaries – find the highest vantage point in your city and go there, spend 24 hours in the airport (really)!), spend 24 hours avoiding plastic packaging (now there’s a challenge!), take a “zero budget” day out or spend a day volunteering.

Cultural Odysseys has ideas for delving into the art and history scene in your city – find hidden graffiti sites, see if you can find movie shooting areas, navigate your way around the city using an outdated map, find beauty in abandoned places or recreate all the elements of a favourite holiday at home.

Roll the Dice has games for you to play to kick start your alternate exploration of your city – use a coin to decide which direction to walk/ explore, head to a bus station and take the first departing bus, draw a flowing line on a map without looking at it too closely, then follow the line and explore the city through your doodle

Each chapter, as well as providing ideas and “how to” instructions, includes “Case Studies” – examples of how people have executed the ideas and it really makes for fascinating reading – and makes it all sound very do-able. The back of the book provides an index of “Travel Styles” (active, artistic, cultural, eco-friendly, exploratory, family, group adventures, meditative, no-cost adventures, romantic or solo adventures) to help you narrow down some ideas.

This is not just a book for the summer holidays – it’s a year-round guide to helping you make the most of, and appreciate, your city. One to keep on your coffee table and pick up when you’re wondering what to do or when someone says “I’m bored”. There’s no being bored if you have a copy of this book!

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