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Welcome to Summer Reads 2018 where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks” (this is the first post in this summer’s series 🙂 )

Brooklyn in Love cover on eatlivetravelwrite.comIf you’re a Paris-lover like me, you might be familiar with the author of this week’s book, Amy Thomas (of God, I love Paris) who wrote Paris, my Sweet a few years ago. In her first book, Amy wrote about life in the City of Light, where she worked writing copy for Louis Vuitton for two years, her love for the city (also the many frustrations that come along with living there) and all the delicious discoveries she made when she was there. Both blog and book are a love letter to Paris, but a realistic one that I totally identify with.

Amy’s follow-up is Brooklyn in Love, an honest tale of adjusting to life in the US after returning from Paris; essentially, a coming-of-age story set in Brooklyn. Our protagonist is turning 40, finding love, getting married and having a baby, all the while discovering the city’s best bites along the way.

From the publisher:

From the author of Paris, My Sweet comes the story of a modern woman embracing love, motherhood, and all the courses life has to offer,

On an island where finding love can be just as hard as finding a dinner reservation on a Friday night, Amy Thomas never imagined a family would fit into her lifestyle. So when Amy finds herself turning forty, moving to Brooklyn, and making way for a baby with a new man in her life, she realizes that starting over may be her biggest opportunity yet.

But how do you balance staying out all night dancing with staying up all night soothing a baby? Can a lifelong city girl trade in spontaneity for domesticity? Set amid the backdrop of Brooklyn and Manhattan’s foodie scenes, Amy sets out to make her second act even sweeter than the first.

Certainly, moving away from Paris is a completely different story to moving there. As someone who has made this move myself (though I was a decade younger than Amy), I can definitely relate to the struggles in this realm so I was eager to read Amy’s experiences of her move. Amy writes in an easy, conversational style that’s very relatable and reading the book feels very much like you’re chatting with her over a favourite pastry or in a favourite wine bar. I appreciated the honesty of both this and Amy’s first book – while she’s living what many would consider to be a dream life (first in Paris, then in New York), she tells it like it is; there is no sugar coating here.

Amy describes her new life – re-entering the New York dating scene, the feeling of “competing” against younger colleagues as she tries to find her place after being away for two years, getting married, finding a place to live and getting pregnant – with honesty and humour, acknowledging that even when things are “nauseatingly great” she still feels a bit of uneasiness with certain situations (moving in with her then-boyfriend in one case but Amy’s a thinker and a worrier and even when things seem amazing on the surface, she’s still questioning things inside). It would have been so easy to write this book and gloss over the difficult parts, but Amy’s very real in sharing her story and you’ll find yourself rooting for her, cheering when things go her way and commiserating when they don’t. This is a book you’ll read in one sitting, guaranteed! In addition to being a “can’t put down” read, the book is interspersed with lots of information (tips and addresses) about the food scene in New York and Brooklyn which make it the kind of resource I always try to look for when I travel! Definitely one of summer’s “must reads”!

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