International Incident Party – Tacos

This month’s International Incident Party theme was tacos!

Since I kind of slacked off the past couple of parties, you know when I didn’t make my own dumpling wrappers and then when Conor and I didn’t make noodles from scratch… I figured I better pick up my game this time.

I hunted around for some corn tortillas from scratch and found a few recipes, including this one from In Jennie’s Kitchen that gave me hope – if her little girls can make them, I should be able to, right?

My inspiration came later on when I was in the grocery store and I spied a packet of blue corn meal and I knew I wanted to make blue corn tortillas.  I used this recipe from Food Network and whilst they didn’t come out as professional as I would have liked them, I was fairly pleased with the results.  Next time I make them, I would definitely add a little less water or more flour and rest the little balls of dough a bit longer before I roll them out. They were kind of sticky and hard to roll, hence the odd shapes.

Would I make them again? Definitely – they were so tasty and it was really satisfying to make them from scratch. My guests were impressed and ate them all up – and they weren’t just being polite!

We made breakfast tortillas with black beans, eggs scrambled with feta, guacamole from scratch and a cherry tomato salsa with lime dressing.

Pretty much your perfect breakfast!

Thanks for coming everyone!!! Can’t wait til next month!

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69 thoughts on “International Incident Party – Tacos”

  1. I would love to get my hand on that blue corn meal!! I think I finally can track it down here in Australia! That is so delicious!

  2. i actually love that rustic look and feel on the blue corn tortillas! bravo! i actually want to eat them straight out of my screen, since i am also pining for a trip t Mexico! hopefully, to san miguel de allende and guanajuato!

  3. I love that you used blue corn, that’s great. I agree with the previous poster that the rustic look of these tacos is incredibly appealing. And you know a breakfast taco is genius! Well done, girl!

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  5. breakfast tacos sounds sumptious. All is forgiven now 😉 You have redeemed yourself…. hehehee

  6. Love your homemade blue corn tortillas! It’s my turn to miss IIP this month but after seeing all the great entries for the Taco Party, I will certainly get in gear to join in the fun. Now, wish I were having these for breakfast tomorrow . . .

  7. i love you i love you i love you! Just when a girl starts thinking she has the worlds best taco recipe, she finds this one! Holy Yum!
    I can not wait to make these!

  8. I love the look of blue cornmeal. I don’t know if blue cornmeal tastes different from regular cornmeal but I just love the uniqueness of it.

  9. Oh! The blue cornmeal is so pretty. I have a hard time finding it around here…so I’m trying to procure a grinder…so I can make my own!! Your tacos look amazing =)

  10. Well all I can say is YUM YUM YUM YUM. That coming from someone who is kinda partial to Mexican food – why else would she be having a Mexican Cantina party for her birthday!!

    So in light of the upcoming festivities, how fitting your post appeared now as I am planning on making my own tortillas albeit the cheats version – I own a tortilla press!!

    Any chance of sharing the tomato salsa with lime dressing recipe. It’s lime and tomato a-go-go in my garden at the moment. Thanks.

  11. I made regular tortillas this weekend. Similar experience. In the end they came out good enough for me to want to play around a bit and see if I couldn’t get a good recipe and process down.

    Awesome dish, I need it right now!!


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  13. I love it! Perfect breaky! Big kudos for making blue corn tortillas. I bought a packet of blue corn something mix for my sister in Santa Fe, maybe I might have to hang onto it..

    No taco joy for me 🙁 was planning to do it at the last second after getting home from Bali, but Mr Belly was a little unhappy and the thought of cooking and eating was a little difficult. Next incident fo shizzle though!

  14. Wow, does that look beautiful and delicious. Fresh corn tortillas are so good — I’ve only had them in restaurants, mind you, never at home, and yours look wonderful. And I bet the learning curve will be quicker than for macarons, so you’ll perfect yours in no time.

  15. Now, THAT is a breakfast of champions! Who wouldn’t love a homemade blue corn tortilla first thing in the morning. Heck, those look so good, I bet they’re fabulous just smeared with butter. Mmmm!

  16. Those tortillas look incredible, the blue corn really adds a unique flavor. I am drooling over that breakfast taco right now, all the ingredients look delicious!


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