Les Petits Chefs – Food Revolution Week 9

The boys have been begging me to make a sweet treat and I relented this week with Jamie’s fruit scones. I had already seen them made with great success, notably by Rachael (La Fuji Mama)’s daughter who is so much younger than the boys in my cooking club and they have been on my list for a while.  After last week’s “blood gushing” incident, Liam was especially pleased that this week’s recipe did not involve any cutting for him!  In fact the recipe took no time at all – the boys had made the scones, cleared the lab, had a snack (you know, the leftover raisins and apricots!), and eaten one scone in about 50 minutes.  Gotta love that!

It has to be said that the boys were a little heavy handed with the blending of the butter and flour – it was definitely over worked (but a good lesson for everyone!) and we talked about how the scones would have been lighter and fluffier had they been able to stop playing with the flour mixture.

There was no lack of enjoyment, that’s for sure!

I would totally make these again (a little less heavy handed with the butter and flour, of course!) because I just never realised they were so easy.  I also love that the only sweetness comes from the fruit and whatever topping you choose – a perfect sweet treat without being terribly bad for you.  The boys were very proud of their efforts and each week, I become more proud of them too!

29 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs – Food Revolution Week 9”

  1. Mardi, this is a gorgeous way to get kid’s involved. I really like your les petits chefs series. And how good does the jam look when it’s oozing! 😛

  2. a perfect kid-friendly recipe! even super picky sophia would eat these if she got to help make them. thanks for sharing all of these great recipes!

  3. I have planned to make this very recipe this week, with dried cherries. I can hardly wait! They look delicious, and every recipe we’ve made from our Food Revolution cookbook has been really yummy. I’m glad your little chefs had fun! This week my big chef (Jake is going through a growth spurt again, Lord help us) made the cracking burgers and smoothies. They were GOOD.


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