Café des Musées (Paris)

If David Lebovitz likes it, you pretty much can’t go wrong, that’s my line of thinking.

On our way back from Brittany, we had one short afternoon in Paris and Alicia had been hankering for a meal at Café des Musées, upon the recommendation of a friend (well, and Mr Lebovitz!).

It’s a simple neighbourhood place, indeed we were the only tourists there.  Actually, correction, we were the only tourists who stayed to eat.  A few groups straggled in during our lunch and quickly left upon realising that this was not your typical bistro fare (i.e. croque monsieurs etc…) – something our slightly crazed waitress reminded up of a few times…

No, it’s not your typical tourist bistro – it’s elevated way above the greasy fare many tourist ingest during their time in Paris believing it’s real French food.  The local crowd was testament to this.

Though the menu offered a lot of interesting choices (game meats and such), Neil and I were suffering from a steack-frites withdrawal, not having eaten our usual fill of this on our trip (you know, since we were too busy eating crêpes and cheese and the like…).

Beautiful hand-cut fries dipped in the rich bearnaise-mayonnaise sauce that actually came with the steak!  Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this was your perfect plate of frites.

And the steak. Simple but oh so satisfying.  Served with vinaigrette-dressed greens. Yum!

A tranquil spot, just a couple of blocks away from the Place des Vosges and the bustling rue de Rivoli, I highly recommend this place if you are looking for an authentic Paris bistro experience where you can mingle with the locals (and pretend to be one, if but for an hour or two…)

Café des Musées
49, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris
Tél: 01 42 72 96 17

37 thoughts on “Café des Musées (Paris)”

  1. Oh who doesn’t need an address like this in Paris where the food is this good? I know we do! Husband keeps saying he gets lousy food whenever he tries a new café or bistro for lunch. Thanks, am jotting this one down!

  2. Who wouldn’t trust the great Mr. Lebovitz’s recommendation? Thanks for sharing lovely images of the cafe and your meal there. Paris Forever!

  3. oooh, that looks so good! I adore a good steak frites – when it’s done right it’s so spot on! I would have dipped my fries in the bernaise too 😉

  4. Certainly enjoy dining in places that cater to the local clientele, and not tourists. Having said that, we are planning to be “tourists” in Paris in just a little over three years and are starting to compile a list of lists, and the dining list now has a new entry. I am sure we will feel chez nous at Café des Musées in Paris.
    Thank you so much for this great tip!


    • Oh I am the first to admit that I love being a tourist sometimes (was just in New Orleans for a few days and was unabashedly touristy!!!) but sometimes you just want to blend into the anonymity of a place populated by locals. If you need some tips re: Paris, let me know!

  5. Paris – and now New Orleans? Are you just posting where you have been in the past – or are you travelling all over all of a sudden? I love Paris… and almost everywhere I have eaten there is a great experience. Thanks for this idea.

    • I guess since you’re a new reader you won’t know that I just got back from Paris and Brittany in January and am slowly making my way through my posts from those two weeks. Normally I try to finish posting one trip before I go on another but my blog transfer slowed things down a bit.

  6. Girl, you guys got around! Amazing. I have never been to New Orleans and am dying to go. Kind of tossing the dice between there and Nashville for a little summer food trip…definitely keeping your post in mind in the case that the former wins out.

    Unrelated, I have a treat to send you! And it’s been strangely difficult to make it to the post office before they close lately. But should get it off next week for sure…Happy (almost) Friday!

  7. this place is v close to my parents’ place in the Marais-a gem and they serve Poiré ! you have a very lovely blog, lots of gorgeous photos.

  8. Fabulous! Just moved to London from Sydney and stalking down options for dinner on our first eurostar jaunt over to Paris. I think this is it! NB, great great blog. Congrats.


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