Food/Blogger: A week in Paris

Ok, so we spent one week in Paris and we headed off to Dinan (Brittany) on Saturday morning – hopefully by the time you are reading this we are not still trying to get out of Paris on the péripherique!

You read about our Saturday night dinner and our Monday lunch, right? And you checked out the macaron class and the macaron cocktails too… Well there are two more spectacular food experiences I will be posting about but they are going to take quite a while to compile (oh the suspense…) but here’s a post to fill you in on the rest of the eats and drinks in between the “special” ones!

So what else did we get up to? Why eat and drink and met food bloggers of course – as you do!

Saturday lunch at Au Rocher de Cancale:

Salade chèvre chaud 12,50 € Tomate, toast, crottin de chèvre, pomme de terre, crème fraîche persillée.

Salade sud ouest 11,50 € Tomate, pomme salardaise, magret de canard fumé, oeuf pôché.

Saturday apéro at our flat:

No, it’s not a Ricard – it’s a kir!

Yup – goat cheese cheesies/Twisties! Love them!

Saturday digestifs at Le Tambour:

Sunday morning breakfast at our flat:

Sunday lunch at Café Coeur Couronné:

Croque monsieur

Soupe à l’oignon – a little too heavy on the cheese for me…

Sunday afternoon, we went to see the fabulous Miles Davis exhibit at Cité de la Musique and then we met Véronique from French cooking for Dummies for an apéro:

(isn’t she adorable?!) Véronique wrote a guest post for me in the summer that you can read here.

Sunday evening we just ate in, at Alicia’s flat. My favourite salades ever:

and, well some cheese was eaten…

Mousse au chocolat noir…

That I could not finish!!!

Monday evening after all that cheese, a little something sweet after our salades for dinner:

Ok, these were NOT proper macarons but hey, you can buy them in the supermarket and they were a nice light bite of sweetness. I imagine with a little cream filling there, they would be perfect (not the real deal but not bad non plus!)

Tuesday after a long walk around the Marais, we ate at L’As du Falafel:

Touted as “best falafel in the world.” I would have to agree!

Then we met Kate from Serendipity for chocolat chaud at Angelina‘s. Kate and her husband Dan came all the way from Belgium to meet us!

Angelina’s whilst un peu touristique, must be done. It’s a beautiful tea room:

Kate and Dan came bearing gifts! Home made cookies and the famous chocolates she wrote about recently:

Neil ordered white chocolat chaud:

I had to try the macarons, even though it’s not a specialty…

With the most sublime hot chocolate ever. Decadence in a tea cup.

So decedent it didn’t need the whipped cream…

Me and Kate:

Wednesday evening we headed out in our “neighbourhood” – the Quartier Montorgueil for dinner. We had originally wanted to go to an old favourite, Le Tir Bouchon, but their menu was a bit too “foie gras” oriented (i.e. it was kind of in everything) so we we ended up at L’Épicerie, an old favourite from way back when I lived here (the fact that it’s still around 15 years later is a good sign).

The meal was not a standout but it was good, bistro staples at reasonable prices.

Goat cheese and lardon salad:

Onglet-echalotes et haricots verts (my most favourite meal ever in Paris):

Confit de canard avec pommes sarladaises (yep, they’re cooked in goose fat!) for Neil:

Crème brûlée to share. Of course.

And there have been a few breakfast pastries from one of my favourite boulangeries

Someone really enjoyed his croissant aux amandes:

And a few chocolats chauds to combat the cold:

And yes, this all seems a bit excessive but t’is the season. If we had been at home we would have had one party to attend each night last week so if you look at in that context… We have also done a LOT of walking – Paris is like that – to the point where I can feel my muscles. So I am sure we have offset some of the “fatness” through that. Well I hope so!

14 thoughts on “Food/Blogger: A week in Paris”

  1. What a great week in Paris and you've met Kate. That is such a great experience. That hot chocolate at Angelina's is to die for but everything looks great.

  2. I'm drooling over the salads from Au rocher de Cancale… Will definitely head to rue Montorgueil for lunch one of these days!
    Btw, I love our picture! Great souvenir 😀

  3. This all looks amazing! The hot chocolate sounds incredible, and I was quite stunned to see the family-sized portion of Crème brûlée. Great pictures and post, and I wish we were there to join you (not just for the food… for your company as well… and the food).

    I do have to question your comment about "too much fois gras". I think that is not possible.

  4. WOW! What pictures! Everyone looks so delicious and it looks like you are having a great time! That croque monsieur looks so comforting and delicious, I haven't made one in a long time!

  5. goat cheese cheetos? seriously? man, the french know how to eat! 😉 and i have to agree with steve that the phrase "too much foie gras" just seems wrong. what a fun walk through your meals in paris. hope you're enjoying brittany!

  6. I wouldn't have shared the crème brulée. 🙂

    But I DID thoroughly enjoy meeting you all. Thanks for the goodies–they're almost all gone, except for the pecans, of course!

  7. Such a lovely holiday week. All the love, fun and food…. And goat cheese twisties! Gosh, send some over please

  8. To all of you who have commented on this post – I will respond next week! Internet has been sporadic at best in Brittany and I have actually been enjoying the electronic break!! I did want to acknowledge that I really appreciate your comments and readership!

  9. Oooh… Amazing! I feel like I am in Paris! Now I really (really) want to go… I have never been!

  10. Err, did I see Mardi say she was "enjoying the electronic break"?!?!? I think that's a PR statement – I was there. 😉

    Looking at my week of eats, it doesn't at all appear to be excessive to me. Life as it should be.

    Not sure if Steve or Cathy will see this comment now, but the fois gras comment turned out to be MOST ironic. We left for Alicia and Mardi: menu of course was fine for me. Then lo and behold later both get hit with baked fois gras at the Electrolux event. (More later – I owe a guest post.) And Steve, the slice was about the size of a steak. I kid you not.

    Veronique, if you see this — was great meeting you, and thanks muchly for the Dinan restaurant reco. We had a grand meal. (Post to follow, I'm sure.)

    Kate/Dan – delight meeting you as well.

    I must say the two days meeting Mardi's blogger friends had this surreal "pen pal" feel about it, in a modern techy way.

  11. Divina – it's always great to meet other bloggers and doing it in Paris is even better!

    Simply Life – sorry for the drool factor!

    Véronique – Rocher de Cancale is wonderful! And it was so great to meet you too!

    Steve – that is ONE serving of crème brûlée, thanks very much!!! And yes, there IS too much foie gras when it's in everything…

    Natalie – I love a good croque!

    Best Family – we fell in love with the goat cheese snacks!

    Kate – it was sooooo wonderful to meet you and Dan – thanks for coming over!

    Penny – I KNOW – why can't we get cool flavours like goat cheese in other countries????

    Paris Breakfasts – thank you

    Jen – oh you MUST try to get to Paris someday – you would LOVE it!

    Neil – meeting blogger friends is always good especially when it involves food and drinks! And yes, you DO owe me a post!


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