Curried coconut pumpkin-carrot soup

Ok so you can probably tell I am in the mood for comfort food. The weather has turned all of a sudden and it’s COLD (this Australian blood will never get used to Toronto winters). First yesterday’s chili and now today – a soup.

A bit of a weird soup. This is what I had to work with:

Let’s just look at those carrots again up close, shall we? 😉

I also had this sample of coconut oil to work with, sent to me by the kind folks at Tropical Traditions. I have never cooked with coconut oil before but I was thinking about a coconut-curry soup with those ingredients and wondered what it would be like to sauté the veggies in the coconut oil.

It was a bit solidified, so I dug around…

I fried up one whole big onion, roughly chopped and tossed in a few cloves of garlic for good measure.

I added about 2 tablespoons of this wonderful Penzey’s curry powder:

Then the carrots – roughly chopped. This was 6 medium-sized carrots.

Then the canned pumpkin (this was about a half a large can):

About 500mls of vegetable stock:

And a can of coconut milk:

I let it simmer at a low heat for about 30 minutes:

Some freshly ground black pepper and a whiz in the food processor later…

And it’s all packaged up ready for lunch or a quick dinner later in the week. It’s perfect – a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet and deliciously creamy.

17 thoughts on “Curried coconut pumpkin-carrot soup”

  1. whoa! All of my FAVORITE flavors in a pot! Love savory sweet! I am hooked on Penzy's spices – anything else is just not as good! Did you find it needed any salt?

  2. That soup looks great – I am sure Divina could tell us all about how it's good for us! And those are franken-carrots.

  3. Carrot fiend status confirmed.I'm intrigued by the coconut oil! I just had a skim through the website and think I will investigate further. Sounds like it could be a goer.

  4. Yumm, thanks for the great recipe. I've never used coconut oil, how would you describe the taste? Is it like raw coconut?

  5. this sounds delicious! we're in the midst of a blizzard warning and i too crave warm comfort foods like soup and stew- perfect for a blustery night!

  6. hollafoodzone – I tend to go light on salt but really this one did not. I guess there was enough in the stock?janet – indeed!Tasy Trix – LOL frankencarrots!!Laura – it is delicious!Conor – yup, can't help it, I am a freaky veg fiend!Maria – it's perfect for today with a big slushy storm outside!Brad – it's very strong coconuty flavour – more like intense raw coconut.Best Family – you guys would love this.Simply Life – and I love that it's not too heavy and creamy.

  7. Too funny – am reading about something cooked in my house I have not seen/tasted. Maybe it's in my lunch today!I am very intrigued by the coconut oil for cooking. The jar looked a tad dubious – but in the wok I think it's a fab idea. Never seen this before. Will need to try a stir-fry with it in January

  8. High Low – actually it's not that coconuty (especially if you don't add the coconut mils and thicken it with sour cream or something). It's just a little on the sweet side. You should try it!

  9. Okay so I just had this last night – if anyone's catching up on old posts – and it was delicious. A thicker, darker pumpkin soup than usual. And yes, the coconut is very subtle.

  10. Unplanned – t'is the weather to eat soup, huh?Neil – I am glad you liked it because you have it for lunch today! People – he DIDN'T EVEN ADD HOT SAUCE!!!


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