So, what did I do with the Ficoco?

So remember this post where I asked you all about what I should do with my lovely Ficoco samples? LOVED all your ideas and have printed them out for future reference (i.e. when I don’t have so much on my plate…).

I was eager to try it though and the other day had a brainwave about how it should be used – in Super Charge Me cookies, which call for almond butter. I thought the Ficoco would be a perfect substitute…

Neil, however, had other ideas and wanted to eat it on an English muffin:

His verdict? It was a bit “sharp” and rich for his tastes (but he ate it and Cleo even licked a bit off his finger…). I enjoyed a little a great big glob on some croissant:

With my morning coffee:

Later on, I got to work on the cookies:

My verdict? The sharpness of the figs is a perfect pairing with the sweet apricots and chocolate chips. I will use it again instead of the almond butter, no question. The thing is, I baked these so as to have healthy treats around the house to stop me from getting into the Hallowe’en candy but I don’t think they would count as healthy if you ate, like 6 of them… (or would they?)

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24 thoughts on “So, what did I do with the Ficoco?”

  1. Coffee… that reminds me I need coffee… I swear, reading food blogs just makes me want to eat all the time!

    Good luck with the foozbuzz competition!

  2. Ummm no probably not if you ate 6 but I'm sure 5 is definitely healthy. Well, actually, 6 would probably be healthy too in comparison to many things. Like a big pie or a whole block of chocolate 😀

  3. Unplanned – thanks for your support!

    Conor – LOL – I would NEVER eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting. I would take at least two.. 🙂

  4. They sound delish! I'm sad to hear that the flavor was too much for a smear on an English Muffin – that sounded way yummy to me.

  5. Veggie girl – thanks!

    Divina – yes, there are a few more ideas up my sleeve!

    high low – LOL!

    Dawn – I loved the smear on the croissants. Neil's not a breakfast person so I was not surprised he wasn't into it.

    Evelyne – Indeed!

  6. Alicia – MOST of them are left…

    Simply Life – yes they are!

    Fresh Local – I think it's a good use!

    Steph – I didn't, I just WANTED to eat 6!!!

  7. I have never heard of ficoco until I read this blog post 🙂 I agree I think the cookies was the best place for the ficoco. They look great!

  8. Velva – it was a good place for the Ficoco!

    Mary-Laure – oh yes!

    Carolyn – absolutely – a girl after my own heart!!!

    Penny – Good luck – you would love it!

  9. I did like it. The "sharp" remidned me of Vegemite/Marmite slightly. Over a melted layer of butter was nice.

    As for the biscuits…mmm, a great treat.

  10. I tried it on Ritz crackers. Its very sweet so you can’t have too many, I had two.
    Also as a snack I put it on apples instead of peanut butter but also you can’t use too much because it’s so sweet.
    Whatever it is I LOVE it great combination figs and chocolate and I love the seeds!!
    I’m going to try it on an English muffin and in my coffee.


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