In the mood for soup

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Boo! I am not well. I seem to finally have succumbed to being exposed to kid germs for a month after three months in summer where I came into contact with nary a germ. My head feels like it’s about to explode and I have a horrendous cough. My voice is not sure whether it’s coming or going. Fantastic, as I am currently blogging on a Greyhound bus (yay free wifi!) en route to Buffalo, NY, to present at a conference. But then Neil is coming to join me on Saturday and we’re going to the Anchor Bar for real Buffalo wings and then we’re off to Vineland, Ontario for a yummy meal and a night in a B+B. No turkey for us this Thanksgiving but surely some great eats – stay tuned!

So, knowing I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I am pre-posting this. Why am I pre-posting when I feel sick? Because feeling sick made me crave SOUP. And I just happen to have a large number of pictures of exactly the soup I crave right now – yup, more pics from Laos!

We ate noodle soup pretty much every day for lunch (and sometimes for dinner). It’s a basic broth with whatever vegetables were available, sometimes chicken (for me) or other meat (for Neil) and rice noodles. Each place gave you their version of chili paste to make it spicier (errr… that would be for Mr Neil!) but I was content to eat it as is. Just look at how beautiful it is:

Sometimes the soup would be pretty plain:

you would get the option to add extras:


and chilies:

One day, en route to Phonsavanh, the weather outside looked like this:

and we stopped in a tiny town for lunch. I had this:

and it totally brightened the day!

We missed our daily soup so much that we had to go on a hunt for it a few weeks ago! And boy, could I go for a bowl of it right NOW!

(Edited to add: The Hyatt Buffalo had a poor selection of soup on their room service menu so I ended up with a Cobb Salad. Nice but didn’t quite cut it for me when I was craving soup!)

24 thoughts on “In the mood for soup”

  1. salut !
    j'espere que tu vas mieux en tous cas ces petites soupes sont extra !
    tu connais mon blog, aors viuens faire un petit tour tu es la bienvene ! à bientôt Pierre
    ps je t'écris en français car je crois que tu l'enseignes ! Ciao !

  2. Unplanned – Well I still have not had my soup yet but having a good time anyway!

    Pierre – c'est un plaisir de lire ton petit mot en français! Oui je l'enseigne et j'ai aussi vécu à Parie pendant près de 6 ans dans les années 90 (2ième, quartier Montorgueil). Cette ville me manque…. J'irai faire un tour de ton blog…

  3. We hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy your trip and the B&B. We felt the same way here – yesterday was a soup day for us too!

  4. Taste Hong Kong – thanks!

    Conor – well at least I got two seats to myself on the bus! Noone wanted to sit next to me when I strategically coughed!!!

    Steve, Divina, High/Low – thanks! Soldiered on to do comprehensive wine tastings today…

    Cathy – thanks for the vote!

    Fresh Local – it's the perfect meal for anytime, I think!

    Penny – feel better! Virtual hugs!

  5. Hope you hv fully recovered. Soup is always so comforting and warming. As long as there's soup, cooking noodle soup can be very easy and quick. This dish look very inviting. I do need one now to keep me warm.

  6. Simply Life – it was!

    Mum – obviously!

    Mary – getting there!

    Janet – yup!

    Whineaux – I think I could live off of cereal and soup for the rest of my life I love them so much!

  7. Wow, funny the Daring Cook's challenge hit close to home from your last trip. Feel better soon. i am the end of that cld too.

  8. i crave soup this time of year, sick or no. we had a soup dinner with friends over the weekend with potato, leek and cheddar (my friend jill's) and apple butternut squash (steve's) – yum!

  9. The beef noodle soup you had in Lao looks so much like the Vietnamese Pho soup. Do you know if that is the Vietnamese soup or something uniquely Lao’s?


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