The Plain of Jars Site 3, Laos

Our favourite site of Jars was Site 3, about 10km south of Site 2, again on a hill-top. To get to the site, you have to hike about 1.5kn through rice paddies…

Andup a steep hill past some friendly water buffaloes:

At the top of the hill you see this:

Yes, it was pretty hot at this point…


You can read about Site 1 here and Site 2 here.

3 thoughts on “The Plain of Jars Site 3, Laos”

  1. yup, those stones look so mysterious. i wonder how those ancient people moved them there. it reminds me of a smaller version of Stone Henge or Easter Island.
    i saw Balancing Rock outside of Glen Innes in Australia and asked my Aussie husband (we call him 'BALD') how it got that way. and it seems it just a natural phenomenon. there's certainly something quietly powerful about ancient looking stone in a natural setting.

  2. Short – yes it was a bit like Stonehenge and kind of random like Easter Island (Neil has been there). And you are right – Hanging Rock is quite powerful. I loved the Plain of Jars though people told us we would be underwhelmed, we most definitely were not…


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