Keeping it Local

To piggyback on the BLT challenge this summer, this fall we are taking part in the Keep it Local challenge organised by the lovely Erin who I met in Boston at the Healthy Living Summit in August.

The premise of this challenge is simple:

– The challenge starts September 1st and ends September 27th;
– We will put together one meal per week that is made up of all local* ingredients;
– On Sunday of each week during the challenge we will send Erin a photo of the meal and a little write-upincluding where our food came from (i.e. the farmers market, the actual farm it came from, a local shop, grandma’s backyard etc…). Erin will post all of the entries on the following Monday.* Erin says: It’s up to you to define “local” – ideally it’s within 200 miles, but you may decide to consider your entire state or your region as local…this isn’t strict, but try to create guidelines for yourself that ARE a challenge.

Next week’s meal will be easy – a BLT, of course! The thinking caps are on for this Sunday’s entry…

10 thoughts on “Keeping it Local”

  1. Penny – yes, I am excited! It is actually pretty easy to get local stuff where we live so we will be spoiled for choice!

    Myrtille – bien sûr! Watch this space!

  2. Again, I will enjoy eating vicariously. September's daunting to me, so I don't want to make commitments, but I do eat "local" a lot as well as go to restaurants that use local ingredients.

    It was easier when I lived in Brooklyn, however.

  3. Kablooey – no worries – you can live vicariously through us anytime. As long as we get to hear Moochie singing in the car from time to time!

  4. Food lover – yes – we are quite lucky here too about being able to get local stuff. Had this challenge been 10 years ago, maybe not so much…

  5. what a great initiative, and great challenge. have you read barbara kingsolver's book animal, vegetable, mineral?


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