The 12 months of ELTW

Don’t forget to head on over to the POM website and vote for my Red Roast Pork with POMegranate glaze. Click here (edited to add, link is no longer active). Thanks so much in advance! Ok, on to today’s post… Remember some of these images? Well now you can relive my first year blogging (actually … Read more

They say it takes a village to raise a child…

I say it takes a city to make a BLT from scratch… Earlier this summer, I read about Michael Ruhlman’s challenge to make our own bacon, bread and mayonnaise and grow tomatoes and greens to make a BLT from scratch. We started out just thinking about it: We planted a tomato plant: Bought a pork … Read more


After the bacon and the first pancetta (and tomatoes!)….. We proudly present… Check back in Sunday to see how we get on with our BLT from scratch meal (for 20 –  yikes!!!!)

Adventures in bread baking

(or why I am clearly not a baker!) So it all started out when I decided that the BLT from scratch challenge was something Neil and I would participate in. I was completely convinced that this would be do-able. And, for the most part (the parts that we have a say in, so nothing to … Read more

Keep it Local – Week 1

As part of the Keep it Local challenge, we have pledged to make one meal per week from only local ingredients. You can see the rules of the challenge here. For this week’s meal, I deemed that “Ontario produce and meat” was local enough. Next week, it’s going to be much more local… More on … Read more

Keeping it Local

To piggyback on the BLT challenge this summer, this fall we are taking part in the Keep it Local challenge organised by the lovely Erin who I met in Boston at the Healthy Living Summit in August. The premise of this challenge is simple: – The challenge starts September 1st and ends September 27th; – … Read more