School lunches

Ok, Ok, I promise the “aaah the stuff of my childhood” posts are nearly done….

But I couldn’t come to Australia without having a sausage roll.

Basically it’s just sausage meat in puff pastry but oh my goodness, with a big dob of sauce (ketchup), this just transports me back to my school days where it was a special treat to be able to order lunch from the canteen. You brought your brown paper bag with your name and grade written on it and the money inside to pay for your order. All the orders were collected in a basket (“bin” if you’re North American) by the lunch monitors who then took the basket down to the canteen. Just before lunch, the monitors would go and fetch the orders and we would eat at our desks… It was a big deal to be able to order a sausage roll because the other offerings were (Kraft singles) cheese sandwiches or ham sandwiches. Hot lunch was a rare treat indeed.

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  1. It was so torturous if the lunches got brought in a little bit early and you could smell them, and yet the lunch siren still hadn't rung! Or worse, if the lunches were brought in late. I'd like to pair my sausage roll and sauce with a little box of choc milk.


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