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Ladies and Gentleman: playing the role of Mardi in this evening’s performance of Eat, live, travel, write is K a b l o o e y. Should any among you want a refund, kindly… hey, HEY! Stop pushing and move in an orderly fashion to the box office window, and…Sir! That kind of behavior won’t…OW!!!!

Just joshing; I’m sure we’ll be fine until Mardi returns, but if you feel withdrawal symptoms, just click here to see a picture of Neil’s crispy bacon.

I started a garden this year, after three years of procrastination.

I have a four year old daughter, and gardening was something I thought I should do to: a) lead by example, and b) have a healthy, fun project we could do together because I’m losing patience with The Wonder Pets. (For the love of God, why do they stop and sing songs, tell jokes or try on costumes when the baby seal is drifting off on an ice floe?)

Unfortunately, Moochie wasn’t terribly enthused about our new project. Short of mandating that we grew carrots and strawberries, she really wasn’t much help at all.

Gardener friends told me, “Just wait until you start planting; then she’ll be interested.” Um… nope. Didn’t happen.

Then the friends said, “Just wait until things start growing; then she’ll get into it.” Wrong again.
Then the gardener friends said something else, but I didn’t listen. Not true; I listened. They said, “Just wait until she can taste what you grow….”

So far, we’ve grown and tasted: red and green leaf lettuce, arugula, basil, chives, thyme, oregano, broccoli rabe, zucchini, kirby cucumber, strawberries, snap peas, pole beans and cherry tomatoes. (We have bell and jalapeno peppers as well as carrots and 5 more types of tomatoes to sample.) And after all of this effort, and many hundreds of dollars, did my reluctant gardener come around?

Yes. (What, you thought this was going to end bad? Would I do that to Mardi?)

It turns out she’s our child all right, because it was the eating that did the trick. After tasting tomatoes dozens of times since she started gumming real food, and never liking them raw, she tasted 1/4 of the first ripe cherry tomato in the garden. Her eyes lit up, she stood beaming and announced “I like this one!” She ate everything we grew, and started calling us “farmers”.

Pictured below, is our salad, from harvest to clean plate. (We added a black plum for sweetness, since the strawberries, tomato, pole beans and snap peas never made it to the table. All were delicious.)

Next year, inspired by a Backyardigans episode, Mooch says she wants to be a corn farmer. I’m in. Anybody want a copy of “The Wonder Pets: Meet the Beetles”?

(Editor’s note – Can’t wait for that installment next summer!!! You should all head over to check out K A B L O O E Y Quest – it’s a lot of fun!)

5 thoughts on “Guest post – K A B L O O E Y”

  1. I think you did Mardi proud – no embarrassing moments, nope, not one! The salad sounds yummie too – and I'm with Moochie on this one – eating is definitely more fun than the growing part.

  2. You did something right if they're licking the plate.

    Those macarons in the header are making me shake uncontrollably.

  3. That is awesome Kablooey! And my husband would be sooooo jealous if he read all that you grew!

    He is an avid gardener and does not have much success.

    I wonder if it's the 110+ degree weather here in AZ? heh heh

  4. Wow, thanks. And I really appreciate you guys following me over to Mardi's beautiful blog. As for the garden, I don't at all know what I'm doing (mental note: blogging/gardening metaphor post now inevitable) but the garden was a success as far as a mom and daughter bonding thing. In fact, yesterday I was picking our tiny ripe tomatoes (not much success with the big ones) and I looked over to see her munching on a cuke like it was an apple. All casual-like. I kept quiet but smiled inside.

  5. Kablooey!

    LOVE seeing you here.

    And what memories.

    Her love for veggies will stay with her forever: my grandmother had a garden, and I”d pull up and yank stuff of vines and just chomp.

    To this day: one of my go to snacks is just a lettuce wedge…alone, like a slice of orange.




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