The pancetta is… well, hanging…

More from Mr Neil (not-so) Master Butcher (his words, not mine!)

So it’s only 12 hours until I start my 20+ hour journey to Bangkok.

Guess that mean time to hang the pancetta!

Right off the bat, I’ll admit the moniker Mardi has given me may be at risk. I’m dubious of this whole exercise, at this stage.

Hanging “raw meat” in my cellar is a bit distressing — especially as I will not be here to watch the progress. Never mind it’s my prized WINE cellar.

So both blocks brought out of the fridge…as this is my first time, truly I’m not sure they’re firm enough – especially the end piece which is rather thick. I was under the impression through this whole exercise that more fluids would be drawn out by the salts, and visible through the overhauling process. But no.

Both washed dutifully. A bit of a blue tinge on a couple parts, where there was that filmy layer of fat. Hmmm.

For the thinner proper rectangular piece, I covered with cracked peppercorns and rolled tightly, a la Christmas log. For the thicker odd-shaped piece, I wrapped in cheesecloth.

Both are now dutifully hanging. You can guess the first place I’ll be going when we get home on the 9th (Editor’s note: well you can check that out – I will still be in Australia)

I am hoping the wines from the Bordeaux rack behind are sending out good aging vibes….



3 thoughts on “The pancetta is… well, hanging…”

  1. My word…honestly, these are very beautiful pictures. there is something about seeing how the meat is prepared that makes it more delectable for me. I don't know the difference between proscuitto and pancetta, and rarely buy them when eating alone. Isn't that funny?

  2. I love pancetta so very much. Someday I hope to have to have the gumption to try making it myself. Great post and commentary.


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