Better late than never…

Well our second tomato plant finally started producing fruit (it’s now about 6 feet high -a bit of a slow developer!) so it looks like some more tomato salads are going to be in order. Speaking of tomatoes, some of our friends were quite unhappy that they missed out on the BLT from scratch extravaganza … Read more


After the bacon and the first pancetta (and tomatoes!)….. We proudly present… Check back in Sunday to see how we get on with our BLT from scratch meal (for 20 –  yikes!!!!)

BLT update

Michael Ruhlman has started to receive entries for the “BLT from scratch” challenge. He’s even started experimenting with his own BLT. Rachael of La Fuji Mama hosted a BLT dinner for her Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24. So how’s it looking for ELTW’s BLT from scratch dinner on September 12th?? Well much to my delight on … Read more