Liquorice extravaganza!

As you all know by now, I love liquorice

Back in Australia and SO excited to find my most favourite of all time liquorice allsorts still in existence!!! A couple of months ago, my mum phoned me to tell me that our favourite liquorice allsorts from Darrell Lea had changed their recipe and were “inedible” (for my sweet tooth mum to tell me this, it’s serious!). On top of that, they appeared to no longer be made in Australia, but China. Ok, nuff said.

So one of the first things I did upon arrival (well, after a night’s sleep, of course!) was to head on down to our local Darrell Lea store to check out this situation.

We were delighted to find that apparently mum was not the only person unhappy with the change in flavouring (and manufacturer) of the allsorts and that they were once again being made in Australia and were the same old ones we know and love!!!

and up close:

Also spotted and purchased, these:

which are actually:

Chocolate coated liquorice. Looks pretty unattractive but a candy featuring two of my favourite flavours… What could be better???

7 thoughts on “Liquorice extravaganza!”

  1. I love the packaging. Both treats look really yummy. They must have had tons of complaints to change the manufacturing back to Australia.

  2. Liquorice is also one of my favorites! Bring some back for me, please!! I would love to try the chocolate covered liquorice. It looks delicious!

  3. not sure about the licorice/chocolate combo. i think you'd better bring me some so i can decide for sure.

  4. I used to absolutely hate licorice (black). I loved and still love Twizzlers (red please). But I have recently tried really good licorice (black) and have absolutely loved it! Bring some home!

  5. I absolutely love darrell Lea allsorts. I tries them in Youngstown Ohio, and have craved them ever since.
    Liquorice Gob!!!!!


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