A dog’s dinner…

All right, so we all know how much Cleo loves her dinner… right?

Well my mum and dad’s dog, Jess, is even more spoiled than our Cleo (if you can believe that). Here’s what mum was packing up for her to take when she goes to stay with friends for the next few days when we’re in Adelaide:

and up close:

Chicken and veggies. Yes, people food. All portioned out. Don’t you think my mum has a career in delivery of doggie food? Still, when you look down and see a face like this:

how can you resist?

1 thought on “A dog’s dinner…”

  1. I did not think anyone could lead a more charmed life than Cleo (especially when the ice cream truck stopped RIGHT in front of her as I was gardening this afternoon).

    Apparently I was wrong.


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