Adelaide Central Market #7

Today’s destination: Adelaide Central Market
Today’s theme: Chinatown

I love Asian supermarkets (ok, I love supermarkets in general) and the one in Adelaide Central Market was no exception. Check out the cool stuff I found there…


Drinks (I hesitate to use the word” juice” since I am not sure how much actual juice went into them!)

Snacks both sweet:

(love the wording – “Presents for your delicious taste. Enjoy your happy times.”)

and savoury:

and excellently pretty canned fish:

5 thoughts on “Adelaide Central Market #7”

  1. i share your love of foreign supermarkets – you can learn so much about a culture from what is in its markets. (oh, and i also love the text on asian snack food packets!) thoroughly enjoying your adelaide market posts!

  2. Aren't the comments the best on these? Cathy and I would always try to find some of the packaging on Korean or Japanese candy, where you get things like, "refreshing as the autumn wind from the mountains is the flavor of melon in delicious gummy candy"

    I also like the cat playing a marimba on the can of juice and the "oh yes choco cake"

  3. OOOH la la, I enjoyed your Adelaide market series immensely! By the way, I was purging my 1 million (kidding; mostly spam) email the other day, selecting all and deleting like a robot. When…I may have seen an email from you (probably went straight to my junk box). I tried desparately to salvage it by hitting the back button and try to reverse the action, but I was too late! I wasn't sure what the email was about, but that's the reason I haven't responded to it 🙁

  4. I think there's a bylaw in Japan whereby snack-food packaging must contain a minimum 20% haiku content…


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