Adelaide Central Market #6

Today’s destination: Adelaide Central Market
Today’s theme: Baked Goods

Ubiquitous. Along with:

Mini pasties and

Mini sausage rolls.

(these frog cakes looked a little tired but I was glad to see them nonetheless!)

The real deal custard tarts have finally made it to Australia! Hooray!

Kitchener buns. Wikipedia describes them as: a split bun made from a sweet yeasted dough similar to a doughnut, filled with jam (usually red and supposedly raspberry) and cream. It is usually covered with sugar granules, although this is not essential. Often the “cream” is an artificial form of cream.

Finger buns. The stuff of my childhood! Finger shaped sweet buns with thick frosting and a sprinkle of coconut!

Chocolate crackles. Check out the recipe on the Kellogg’s site!

Honey crackles (or honey joys). Also found on the Kelloggs site.

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