Summer Reads: 24 hours in Paris

This is part of my Summer Reads series where I’ll be sharing book recommendations –  a series of “not just cookbooks”.

Cover of 24 Hours in Paris by Romi Moondi.

This week’s Summer Reads pick is a complete turnaround from the gritty Paris of last week’s A Waiter in Paris because variety is key in choosing your summer reading material! If you’re a fan of the “Before” films (“Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset“) you’ll love this book.

From the publisher:

After calling off her engagement, Mira escapes on an all-expense paid business trip to Paris. Despite the delicious food and flowing wine, she can’t forget the ache of leaving her fiancé behind or the fact that she’s just blown up her personal life. And messing up simply isn’t Mira.

She’s used to being in control. Meticulously planning. But now she’s at the mercy of the travel gods, and they are not acting in her favor. Subways are missed. Trains don’t run. Flights are overbooked. And by the time she arrives at the airport to go home, there are no new flights to NYC until the next day. The worst part? She’s now stuck in Paris for twenty-four hours with her arrogant and insufferable co-worker Jake whose constant flirting and annoying optimism is more than she can handle.

But as they spend the next twenty-four hours in Paris, exploring the city in all its beauty, Mira realizes that she and Jake have more in common than they thought, and he may turn out to be the best thing she discovers in the City of Love.

This is actually an updated version of a similar story, published on Wattpad:

On the last day of their class’s college trip to Paris, Mira and Jake get tangled up in a debacle that causes them to miss their flight home to New York. Which means they’re stuck in Paris until the next available flight that’s 24 hours away! Mira is witty and a lover of art history and good cheese. Jake, on the other hand, is your All-American frat boy with a killer smile. Translation: they can’t stand each other.

This updated story where Mira and Jake are older is a romantic romp through Paris – it’s a lighthearted, easy read that will transport you to the City of Light for a few hours – it is, quite simply, a perfect summer read!

Moondi has obviously spent time in Paris and I loved “following” Mira around the city.  Mira’s “Paris bucket list” involves a lot of food items, so I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing them through her eyes (it’s wonderful watching someone discovering Paris for the first time) and I spent a lot of the book trying to figure out exactly what bakery/ café they were visiting (if you know Paris pretty well like I do, you can visualise so many of the scenes/ locations).  The story is definitely a love letter to the city.

The romance? Well yeah – it’s a rom-com! If you’re not into that type of book, this probably isn’t the one for you but if you are a romantic at heart and love to see the “underdog” come out on top, you’ll absolutely adore this story. Is it unrealistic? Sure! But does it transport you to Paris from the comfort of your couch/ beach chair/ plane or train seat for a few hours? It DOES! Will you find yourself turning page after page to find out what happens next and find yourself finishing this in one sitting? Probably!

A delightful summer read for anyone who dreams of finding (unexpected) love in Paris, anyone who has visited Paris and wants to relive their trip, or anyone who dreams of Paris but can’t get there this summer. Charming, funny, romantic, heartwarming – 24 Hours in Paris will bring a smile to your face 🙂

Cover of 24 Hours in Paris by Romi Moondi.


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3 thoughts on “Summer Reads: 24 hours in Paris”

  1. Hi Mardi
    I read this book. Let me just say not 30 something here. It was nice to reminiscent about the different tourist bucklist of Paris for first timers. What disappointed me was that they never went to cafeteria on the top floor where you can have a carafe or glass of wine from a vending machine(this was a real thrill for DH) or to the roof top to have the best view of Paris. This was our must everytime in Paris. I guess I only enjoyed her bucket list.


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