On the streets of Paris and Brittany

Sorry, this hasn’t turned out to be a food post after all… (but it IS Eat, live, travel, write after all, right?). I just returned last night from a 3-day winter camping trip with two of my classes and as soon as I hit the couch, my grandiose plans to write up one of my food-related posts from France kind of fell through. Instead, what I ended up doing was browsing my iPhoto library and as I was doing so, I noticed a pattern beginning to form…

Apparently I was obsessed with streetlamps this past trip. In both Paris and Brittany. So as I recover from 3 very active days, enjoy these photos:

(this was our rental house in Dinan – isn’t it beautiful?)

So, what’s coming up on Eat, live, travel,write?

* A series of children’s recipes as I host a cooking club at my school over the next 6 weeks. I received a copy of C is for Cooking for review and I can’t wait to share some of my culinary skills and knowledge with my students!

* More write-ups about Paris and Brittany from my recent trip;

* A new look! Yes, I have initiated the move from Blogger to WordPress! Scary stuff but it’s in the very capable hands of Zesty Blog Consulting right now… What does that mean to you, the reader? Hopefully, nothing will change on your end (though it will be much snazzier to look at!) and you will be able to continue to surf ELTW as usual. Stay tuned!

* Bread!!! Yes, after a disastrous foray into bread baking in 2009, I vowed that I would make the effort to master some simple breads that don’t require a breadmaker. What better way to work on that than to join the Healthy Bread in 5 group as they work their way through the book:

Five minutes a day? Ok – I am happy to give that a go. Let’s see how that works out for me, shall we?

That’s all I have today – have a wonderful weekend!

20 thoughts on “On the streets of Paris and Brittany”

  1. i loved your pics.. I am trying to learn french…and i love Paris! , next trip i will explore more. I would love to rent to a1 place for 2 weeks? Any info you can give me would be great Merci!

  2. Absolutely love the lampposts!

    I got their bread book at the blogger fest too, and am looking forward to learning how to make bread. Can't wait to see your posts about it.

  3. Once again, I get to stumble along after you and find out what I should be doing with K a b l o o e y by your example. Not that I will get to it all, mind you. Still, it's nice to know what should be done. Beautiful shots — were you really taking them all without conscious knowledge you had a motif brewing?

  4. Those lamps are so elegant and rustic. You have a lot going on, I'm excited about all of the changes on your blogs.

  5. The pictures are awesome, but how was the food? Streetlamps seem to be rather prevalent in France, and hopefully I can see them in person in the near future.

  6. Asthreroshe – I emailed you!

    Divina – thanks for your support!

    April – fingers crossed it goes seemlessly!

    Chow and Chatter – thanks! I am excited about the bread group too!

    Lori Lynn – I missed out on the book at FBZ Fest but am excited to start working with it soon!

    Lacey – thanks!

    Kablooey – you know, I MUST have had an idea in the back of my head somewhere, I guess I just didn't realise how many pics I actually had until I sat down and sorted them out. There were even more than this too!

    Jen – thanks 🙂

    FLB – thanks for your support. I will feel so much happier when the changeover is complete…

    Cocina – I have already posted a TON of posts about the food on our trip but never fear, there will be more to come…

  7. I've never been in Paris, but each time I see some pics I desperately wanna go.. your pics are amazing! Great!
    Have a good week!

  8. I share that same obsession. Gave in to it in both Italy and France on my last trip.

    I look forward to welcoming you to WordPress. I made a similar move in a previous life and never looked back!

  9. Beautiful France pics, Mardi!!
    Let me know how your Cooking Club goes!! I'm always looking for new recipes to try with the little one.

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Most of the pics were taken with my new camera and I am most definitely learning still… Am very excited about the transition to WordPress but also a little nervous, it must be said!


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