San Francisco Ferry Building

More deliciousness from the Ferry building. I mean, really, who needs city tourist buses when you have the Ferry Building right next to your hotel. I could have spent HOURS there (well, more hours than I already did). When Neil and I return to California next summer with both our parents in tow, we will SO be spending a lot of time here….

The Foodbuzz Blogger Festival provided pastries:

And a nice view of the building before it got swamped:

And here’s Gary the security guard, hard at work (he really wanted to be in this picture!!):

So here you have it, the sweet:

And ohhhhh -looooook!!!

Yes, these actually made it home!!!!

And the savory:

Oh yes, San Fran – I will be back…..

23 thoughts on “San Francisco Ferry Building”

  1. Man this festival looked awesome, thank you for sharing your pictures! I dont know what I'd do with myself if I was surrounded by so much food…

  2. This is all in the market next to your hotel? Can you please give me the exact address? I'd love to go to San Fran and stuff myself with all these goodies!

  3. This is my favorite place in the city! I spent so much time in this place when I was living in Sausalito. I used to take the ferry from the north, which is a beautiful 20 minute ride that offers amazing views of the Golden Gate bridge and Bay bridge. My favorite time to visit the Ferry Building is in August when many of the fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, peaches, plums, and figs!

  4. Everytime I go to the Ferry Building, I go crazy buying stuff. Who can resist, right? Your photos show all the temptations in all their glory.

  5. Steph – I thought gelato for b'fast might be a bit extreme so didn't try it…

    Joy – you're welcome. It was a challenge!

    Conor – all I can say is: pork heaven!

    Mae – poetry indeed

    Jen – I emailed you

    Fresh Local – I will be there next August!!! YAY!

    Carolyn – temptations indeed!

    Simply Life – sorry!

    Yvonne – me too!

    allingoodfood – worth going back for.

    Best Family – rest of SF? What's that?

    traveleatlove – me too!

    Cocina – yup!

    4 Star – a cheese break? SOunds drastic!

    Divina – the pictures say it all, huh?

    Penny – you have some great markets there too!

  6. Fun read – stumbled across your post. Yes, I am lucky to live in SF, conveniently enough I try to schedule most of my meetings at the Ferry Building. Sounds like you had a grand time!

  7. Girl, you covered it! Couldn't have done it better myself (being a local and all 🙂 Awesome photos–fun to read! Reminded me of how much I'm missing Miette at this very moment. Gotta make a special trip…

  8. Lori Lynn – 🙂

    Oyster Culture – sooooo lucky!

    April – yup!

    Miriam – that would be an understatement!

    Megan – Glad I have the local seal of approval!!


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