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Last week I was in Montreal for a conference and my colleague and I only had a short time to eat lunch on the first day. Even though she is from Montreal, neither of us has any idea about anywhere quick and good to eat around the Hilton Bonaventure (where the conference was taking place) so we figured we would take a chance on the lobby bar-resto Le Belvedere.

Normally I wouldn’t bother with a lobby restaurant but since we were pressed for time and both of us were 1. starving and 2. cold (no breakfast and had spent the best part of four hours in a cold exhibit hall), it sounded like a good option. And in fact it was!

We shared a Cornet de calamars avec sauce tartare:

This was REALLY good. Fresh and just lightly battered.

Then we both needed soup. Gratinée à l’oignon for me:

(no, I didn’t eat all that cheese – there was quite a bit of soup under there too!)

Soupe thaïlandaise au poulet for Ann:

These were just what the doctor ordered. Hearty and warming without being too over the top (even the onion soup didn’t put me into a food coma…).

But then, as you do, we both wanted just a little something sweet. Nothing huge, just a sweet bite to end the meal. We thought the millefeuille sounded pretty good. This is what we got:

Yes, yes, lovely plating and all but it’s not a millefeuille. Like not at all. Check it out up close:

More like a naked profiterole and profoundly disappointing 🙁 People, THIS is what a millefeuille should look like (Le Belvedere pastry chefs please take note!):

(image courtesy of du sacré au sucré)

It’s all about the layers (feuilles) people…. Sadly, Le Belvedere missed the mark on this one but overall, it was a surprisingly decent meal for a lobby restaurant.

Hilton Montreal Bonaventure
900 de La Gauchetiere W.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H5A 1E4
Tel: 1-514-878-2332

7 thoughts on “Hotel eats (Montreal)”

  1. Lobby restos are always so hit and miss.. many are crap, but some are mindblowingly good. I like the look of that squid. Also, I'm terribly jealous of your visit to Montreal. I want to go back! I'll even brave the cold!

  2. if fried calamari is on the menu, we almost always order it – it's fun to see the different ways folks cook it and the different sauces that accompany it. this looks like it was tasty!

  3. Conor – we were very lucky with the weather actually..

    Best Family – I love calamari too and will also always order it too!

    Kelly – yeah, it was pretty good!

    traveleatlove – this kind of made up for the exhibit hall….

    Steamy Kitchen – oh yeah! Love the SOUP!


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