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Please welcome Véronique from French Cooking for Dummies!

Writing on EatLiveTravelWrite while Mardi is on vacation (lucky her 😉 ) is a perfect occasion for me to introduce all of you to an unusual Parisian market : Rue Dejean African market.

The heart of Paris’ African neighborhood is pretty close to Montmartre actually, It’s a 10 minute walk east from Sacré Coeur and the change of scene is astonishing… Colorful traditional outfits are all over the place and you can buy anything you need for cooking an African dish. I’ve been living in the neighborhood for 2 years and I still find ingredients I have never heard of before!

Here, we can see gumbos which are pretty common in African food, sitting next to very hot chili from the French Caribbean islands.

Here manioc, ginger, and sweet potatoes.

All kinds of melons, pineapples and coconuts.

If you ever stop by, you’ll even see women seated on the ground, in nearby streets, selling fruits whose name I never remember. But be aware, they were imported illegally and didn’t get through any sanitarian control… When going a little bit further, you’ll find African clothes and that’s a whole other story…

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  1. Fascinating! Funny, I lived in Paris (Montmarte) for two years but never saw such exotic offerings in the market. Didn't know where to look, I guess…

    Thanks for the post!


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