Eat, live, travel….. sparkle!

I have deliberately waited until we are in Laos to schedule this post because I KNOW both my dad and Neil will be saying “What do you need that for?” when they see this….

My friend Jen from Melbourne has a beautiful Pandora necklace that I was admiring at a conference in early July in Toronto. She suggested that the Pandora jewellery was probably cheaper in Australia so I made a mental note to check it out when I was here…

I had actually forgotten all about it until we emerged from the Town Hall Station of the Queen Victoria building to see the Pandora store right in front of us.

After a couple of visits (err, yes in the same day…), I succumbed:

Up close, you can see why I couldn’t resist… A beautiful silver bracelet that is SO me. A cupcake and a suitcase…. How could I not?

More to come, hopefully, over time….

Vanilla Cupcakes on Foodista

8 thoughts on “Eat, live, travel….. sparkle!”

  1. I love the little suitcase. I'd want a reel of film, a hershey's kiss, a picture of my daughter and a book, and a scuba tank or fins.

  2. Lovely…I love my Pandora bracelet too..I add to it whenever I need a little pick-me-up, and the charms are simply beautiful.

  3. Janis – sorry! I actually have a little picnic basket and a present now on there and two plain beads. Should post an updated shot. You should Google Pandora – might be able to get online…


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