Boston bound!

Well, I am sitting in the airport (again!) ready to take my 13th flight since July 8th…. Am off to Boston to attend a blogging conference (the US Immigration lady looked at me kinda funny when I told her the “purpose of my trip”).

The conference starts tonight so I had the afternoon to do some touristy stuff. So I googled “Boston Food Tours” and came up with a wonderful three hour walking tour of Boston’s North End Market. Sounds right up my alley. So excited – will be posting pics of the tour over the weekend… obviously!

Hope to be able to spend some time starting to organise Laos-themed posts this weekend also…

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Boston bound!”

  1. Very exciting! The tour of North End sounds like so much fun, can't wait to hear about it! Also, hope too hear even more about your fabulous trip – I was just browsing your other recent posts. The lunch in the Pavilion in Sydney sounded lovely. We were there in 2000, really loved it!

  2. You are a rock star! Can't wait to "go" to Laos with you, and look forward to your blogging about the blogging conference.

  3. i can't believe you are at a blogging conference already – you are awesome! seriously, so impressive and so exciting! can't wait to hear more about what you learn, see, eat, who else is there, etc. lots of details, please. 🙂

  4. Well I think "rock star" is pushing it a bit but thanks!! Stay tuned for scrumptious pics from the Market tour I did yesterday….


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