Wanna be a guest blogger?

Ok so here’s the deal…

I am off to Australia tomorrow for the first time in 7 years! Family reunions, 90th birthdays and various events to catch up with friends will not stop me from posting, I am pretty sure!

However, on July 24th, I head to Laos for two weeks and since I am not bringing my laptop and am pretty sure that internet connection won’t be easily available, not to mention the fact that I will be ON HOLIDAYS!!!, my poor little blog will be neglected, which I don’t want.

If you would like to submit a food (and preferably travel)-related post, please email me with your idea by July 17th.

Look forward to hearing from a few of you…

14 thoughts on “Wanna be a guest blogger?”

  1. Hey, those macarons look tasty; nice job getting the new image up. I want to guest blog (it'd be my first time [cherry recipe?] but I have to figure out an idea… and I'm back to dieting… I'll ruminate.

    I also love butternut squash ravioli with brown sage butter, and I don't even like squash. I first tried it at a restaurant called "The Bank" in New Orleans that was in an old bank…so good. That was pre-Katrina, and I don't know if its still there. It was outside the quarter…

  2. Looks like an interesting idea and I understand that you don't want to leave your blog all alone for a long time. Will be happy to help you, just need to find the perfect recipe for you!

  3. Mardi-
    Would love to write a guest post, thanks for asking! Will start thinking of recipes.

    I'd also love it if you contributed a guest post to my blog about the food you eat on your trip after you return. Sound good?

  4. Hi Mardi,

    Sure I'll do a guest post for you! Thanks for the ask!

    I'll do something on eating in Acapulco (hmm, maybe not the most popular place right now!), eating in Windsor, ON, Niagara, ON or Toronto.

    Is that cool? How do you want us to submit the posts?

    Enjoy your travels!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion and I will be sending you my idea. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  6. Hi Jordana and Rachel,

    That is so great!

    Just email me with your text and pictures and anything you have in mind will be great, I am sure!

    I will post-date the submissions and let you know when they will appear so that you can "advertise" on your blogs too!


  7. finally catching up here to say that i would be happy to contribute something if you're still looking to fill a few days. i could do something related to our csa deliveries or something related to our upcoming visit to turkey. looking forward to reading all of the fun guest posts!

  8. It's not travel related, but I was thinking that I could post about eating what we've grown in our first ever family garden. My daughter is finally getting into it because she's helping me pick the fruit and veggies.

    Or I could post about foods/meals I remember fondly from my travels, but I'd have to find generic pix and I don't have restaurant names from old places. Feel free to turn both down…

  9. I love both ideas – you could write TWO guest posts!! (see I am helping you on your quest for creativity!!)

  10. kablooey I know it may be appear "tired" topic, but I love the First Family Garden idea too. 🙂


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