Real macarons in Toronto!!!

OMG – check them out!

They come from Chabichou, right here in Toronto. Doing a bit of a Google search turned up an article in Toronto Life which reveals that it’s run by the same people who run the wonderful Tati Bistro, just a few blocks east of Chabichou.

And just to prove that even the experts sometimes make mistakes, I took this picture of the tops of the pistachio-flavoured ones…

Ok, they certainly do not look as bad as my first attempts but at least they are keeping it real!!

If you live in Toronto, run, don’t walk there. Now!

196 Borden Street (at Harbord, just east of Bathurst)

(BONUS: They also sell CHEESE! and saucisson sec!)

6 thoughts on “Real macarons in Toronto!!!”

  1. Okay these were nowhere NEAR as fresh as the Parisian source code…but they were a nice treat nonetheless.

  2. I'll admit to not entirely being a fan of the PB variety.

    Yes, good….but more suited to Girl Guide cookies, methinks.


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