All I want in the early morning….

is a real coffee.

So still quite jetlagged, I managed to stay awake on Sunday from 1.45am to 9.00pm through a flight, a 5 hour 90th birthday party:

and a dinner (and an old favourite drink!) with a good friend:

Crashed in the lovely Grand Chancellor Hotel at 9pm and slept soundly until 4.40am which is pretty good going for a jetlagged soul.

Now I am up all I want is a coffee…. The pretty nicely stocked mini-bar area unfortunately only has this:

Huh? Instant coffee???? Where’s the little percolator???

Its funny how this lovely “boutique-style” hotel is way behind my usual Canadian and US conference and workshop hotels (generally Holiday Inn-level) in some ways. Internet is not free and even if you pay for it, it’s not wifi, it’s cabled. It’s $30 a day!!!!! That was bad enough news but the instant coffee puzzled me…. Sigh. Mint tea it is for me, I guess.

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