Adelaide Central Market #1

Today’s destination: Adelaide Central Market
Today’s theme: Fruit
Today’s colour: Yellow

Corella pears from the Adelaide Hills.

Bananas not grown with pesticides.

Lady finger bananas.

Various pears.

(OK they’re not yellow but aren’t these heirloom tomatoes lovely??)

Banana on Foodista

3 thoughts on “Adelaide Central Market #1”

  1. Red-tipped bananas are intriguing…I take it that is a waxy coating to limit pest infestation? Have never seen before. Is it applied right after picking? Details please.

    Oh, the heirloom tomato plant I have growing are large beefsteak magnums, the "nobbly" sort…

  2. We love this post! What are those bananas with the dark red marking? good photos. best from Montecito, CA … s


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