Maple Bacon and pancetta… Mmmm… bacon!

More from Mr Neil, Master Butcher:

Here’s the Maple Bacon, in its finished form. You can see the bits of maple sugar…they look like corn kernels.

They say the reason it’s important to have a rather tight fit in the container is to aid in the curing process. The salts draw the liquid out of the pork, then saline solution goes back into the belly through osmosis, and the process continues. So you need to have the pork in contact with the salts and cure liquid that will develop. Over the next ten days, I’ll be overhauling (mixing within bags) to ensure all goes through.

And here’s the traditional pancetta….

Since I ended up with three sections, I decided to experiment a bit with the third.

I used the same pancetta cure mix from before (I made enough), but added some red pepper from our trip to Basque country last summer, and a bit of fennel. Here it is:


5 thoughts on “Maple Bacon and pancetta… Mmmm… bacon!”

  1. I've been busy so not on the blog, was scrolling back entries to see comments…coming upon this, I did have a wry chuckle at the "product placement".

    Mardi and I always laugh at the gratuitous, "Oh, and store your preparations in Glad containers before going to…" comments and photo shots on Top Chef.

    I wonder if Glad might fund our next culinary adventure if I say how well they worked on George? 😉

  2. i saw a food network clip of the bacon chocolate crunch bar at animal in la (referenced in the time article), and i have to say it looked and sounded delish. mr. neil, we will await your maple bacon chocolate anxiously!


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