Nudo: Mothers’ Day gift ideas straight from the grove

Yikes – where did the year go? It’s Mothers’ Day coming up this Sunday (at least in Canada and Australia – I always get confused about when these parental days are in different countries – why are they not on the same day? /rant over/). In any case, I normally send my mum chocolates for occasions like this (I have her to thank for my sweet tooth!) so I was thrilled to try some very special new chocolates released just in time for mum’s special day.

Nudo Italia, the company best known for its unique Adopt-An-Olive-Tree program in the Marche region of Italy, has a great way to say “Olive You” this Mother’s Day.  I love their olive oils already so I was intrigued by a chocolate product, having no doubt that it would not disappoint.  Their new Cioccolatini All’Olio D’Oliva (handmade olive oil chocolates) are perfect pairings of Italian dark chocolate with Nudo’s own flavored olive oils.  This beautifully designed, delectable treat is a little sweet something any foodie or chocolate-loving mama will appreciate. Not only are they delicious, but they support the local economy in Le Marche, small-scale traditional production methods and use eco-friendly packaging.

(this image courtesy YC Media)

These handmade chocolates are $10.99US/ $11.99CAD (plus shipping) and each box contains a set of dark chocolate truffles with ganache fillings in three flavors – mandarin, lemon and chili oil.  All of Nudo’s oils are made from 100% Italian olives, which are hand-picked, cold-pressed and packaged the same day.
Contains: 12 chocolates.
Size/ Quantity: 140g / 5oz
Packaging: Recycled card box

These were very special little treats – rich and flavourful and the chili really packs a punch. The interior is smooth and creamy and both the lemon and the mandarin are delightful and citrusy. (Mum, there aren’t any left but I have another package on its way to you!).  This would make a lovely gift for mum or a hostess gift. Or, you know, a gift for yourself!

Nudo also offers the Olio e Dolce Gift Set with the chocolates, a 250ml tin of their extra virgin olive oil and 250ml tin of the lemon olive oil for $39.00.

Thank you to the kind folks at YC Media for providing me with a sample of these exquisite chocolates.

Wondering what to make for mum’s breakfast on Sunday?  How about scrambled egg muffins with shiitake mushrooms?

I am sharing the recipe over at Mushrooms Canada today – go on over to check it out. It’s an easy and pretty way to serve scrambled eggs.

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26 thoughts on “Nudo: Mothers’ Day gift ideas straight from the grove”

  1. Oooh, what fabulous chocolates…my mom would love those 🙂 We still have a week and a half…whew. And such a beautiful egg dish…yum, yum!

  2. Eco-friendly and BEAUTIFUL packaging. Love the box and wrappers, the flavor combinations sound amazing 🙂 about those muffins, they are just too cute. As a japanese descendant, shiitake mushrooms are my favorite mushrooms ever!

  3. Thanks for bringing these lovely looking chocolates to my attention. I love the recycled packaging and the fact that the money goes back into the local economy in Le Marche.

    That scrambled egg muffin looks intriguing. Must go check out your guest post.

  4. Am intrigued enough by the idea of olive oil chocolates that I might have to send me a box for Mother’s Day! Lovely looking too. Why do I do this to myself BEFORE breakfast; now I want chocolate!

  5. I wish I could taste those right now. My mom is even more doctrinaire about chocolates than I — just chocolate, coffee, caramel and nuts for her — so she wouldn’t appreciate them, but I would. Hmm. Maybe a forwarding of this post is in order? PS: your li’l muffins look delicious.

  6. I’m thrilled to see those olive oil chocolates posted. I didn’t know of that company, and have been searching (a bit passively I must confess) for dark chocolate olive oil truffles ever since I tried some at an out-of-the-way shop in New Zealand. Wish I could remember the name of the kiwi shop, but I will check out these Italian ones for sure!

  7. Love the chocolate but drooling over the scrambled egg muffins with shiitake mushrooms… nom nom

  8. Can’t wait for the post. We have just polished off all the Easter Bunnies, so I’ m up for the next round!
    P xxx

  9. Those chocolate are so pretty. I would be thrilled if someone gave me a box for Mother’s Day and I certainly know my mum would love a box herself.


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