International Incident Party: Hot Dogs

For this month’s International Incident Party, Penny chose hot dogs as the theme. Uh, ok then. I mean I love a good hot dog but after the Daring Cooks cassoulet and the Charcutepalooza prosciutto (coming soon!), I wasn’t sure I could face any more meat.  Then one day at work right after we came back from the holidays, I spied some of these in someone’s leftover Hallowe’en candy stash (people tend to hoard these and bring them in during moments of need, like report card writing week which has just ended…)


And I got to thinking about making a sweet hot dog. I mean not a gummy one – that’s way out of my capability range – but something…. Then I remembered Rachael’s Bic Mac macarons and wondered if I could make a hot dog version…

The shells were easy – I made a few extra when I was doing my Mactweets this month and shaped them a little differently, you know, like hot dog rolls..

And I filled them with firstly an orange marshmallow fondant – the same recipe I used for my Iced Faux-Vos – but I coloured it orange to match the fake hot dog colour.  And from the outside, they look like innocent macarons.

But on the inside…

Your choice – mustard and ketchup or you can add pickles…

Check out what everyone else brought to the party…

63 thoughts on “International Incident Party: Hot Dogs”

  1. Oh those are so cute. When I saw hot dogs, I thought yuck. But I would totally dig into one of these. Great creativity!

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  3. How clever! I still have never tried a macaroon in my life…not available here in Great Falls, MT. Let me know if you are willing to ship some to me =)

  4. I’ve had that gummy hot dog before and as much as I love a good gummy dog, I will happily have your macarons dogs instead! You constantly impress with your creativity, bravo!

  5. Tee hee to these! I think you could macaronise anything. This is quite an impressive super power to have. Some yearn for flight, others want to be invisible, but they do not realise the power of the clever macaron. It’s power is mighty, and these are mighty cute.

  6. Saw your hot dog macs earlier but always thought they were the cutest things, especially for the Mactweets ball park snacks theme. Bet they taste way better than hot dogs, too!

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