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The International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle begins this evening and I am thrilled to be attending.  There is no way I would be able to attend such an event on the other side of the continent without the help of my awesome sponsors and it’s because of them that I will be blogging about the event over the  the next week or so.  I am proud to be representing “real food” companies, working with real ingredients and thankful to the folks at Faye Clack who have helped me out in this endeavour.  So today, no recipes, no travel tales, no eating adventures. Just a simple “thanks”.

You’ll have noticed some posts already announcing some of my sponsors…

The National Watermelon Promotion Board, whose recipes I tested here.

The Ontario Tender Fruit Producers whose plums, peaches and nectarines I have enjoyed cooking and baking with this summer. There are more fruit posts to come – watch out for pears and concord grapes soon!

California Walnuts which I have loved experimenting with in all sorts of dishes!

And today I have the absolute pleasure of announcing my three last sponsors:

Rosewood Estates Winery – a wonderful family-run Ontario winery whose wines I enjoyed recently at a wine and cheese event.  They also make mead and honey and I look forward to sharing some wonderful food and wine pairings with you over the next couple of months.

The Ontario Apple Growers. I love the apple season and am excited to share some great apple posts over the fall.

And last but not least, the USA Rice Federation.  It was actually after an event I attended independently last winter that Faye Clack got in touch with me when they read my writeup so I guess you can say I have rice to thank for my good fortune!  I look forward to sharing some exciting new rice recipes with you in November!

I will try to get my IFBC writeups up as soon as I can – I am sure there will be so much to learn and share.  And for those of you who have been enjoying them so far, never fear, the second half of the California Road Trip posts are also in the works!

Bon weekend!

19 thoughts on “I’d like to thank”

  1. Look forward to your posts on this, its always exciting to hear & see what happens at conferences like this.

  2. so proud of you for getting all of these awesome sponsorships! you’re doing a great job posting about their produce and sharing great ideas of what to do with it.


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