Bear with us!

Edited on Saturday Feb 13th to add – I am having some MAJOR issues with permalinks (internal links from within my blog to other pages of my blog) and there are a number of posts whose photos are missing.  I am working to fix it.  Please please please bear with me – believe me, I feel your frustration 🙁

We’re in the final stages of transferring the domain and some links might present as broken – please be patient and we will be back to business soon!  We managed to get all the posts transferred from Blogger but are missing comments, mysteriously, on 5 posts in December.  I will manually import those soon.  All hyperlinks on commenter names that did transfer have been inactivated for reasons unknown to us.  Sorry about that but it happens to everyone who does the Blogger-WP transfer.

A few notes:

  • If you subscribe in a Reader, check that the feed has been updated.  If not, you might have to subscribe again (top of the first column to the right of this post).
  • If you receive ELTW in your inbox via email and you didn’t receive these latest posts, you might also have to subscribe again (to the right of this post)
  • If you are a Google Follower and you didn’t receive a new post, you might have to “unfollow” and “refollow” – I have redirected all the feeds for Followers, email and Reader subscribers but you never know…
  • My blogroll is in development – stay tuned!
  • My “About me” page is also still under construction – coming soon!
  • If you are trying to “Stumble” a page and it comes up as “page not available”, please let me know in comments below.
  • If there’s anything that isn’t working – links etc… – please let me know either in comments or on the new “Contact me” page!
  • If there are posts you wanted to comment on in the last week, you can now go ahead and do so – comments are open!  You can even subscribe to the comments now!

Thanks so much for your patience in this time of transition! I hope you enjoy the new clean look.

Don’t forget – you still have until Monday February 15th to enter the Blogger Secret Ingredient contest for a chance to with a $25 giftcard!!!



32 thoughts on “Bear with us!”

  1. There is a lot more room here, almost as if you are expanding to let new spring time light in. for a creature of habit, this new journey feels like home to you, doesn’t it?

  2. Hi Mardi – thanks for the nice comments on my new site. Yours is wonderful! Lisa’s art is just darling. Best wishes for continued success with your excellent blog!
    Lori Lynn

  3. Wow for a number of reasons. This xfer seems to be going smoothly, your new header is so sweet, everything looks terrific and I just noticed you are into three digits now with followers. Terrific. And I’m so proud of you. Also, are Taureans creatures of habit? I’m also a Taurus but all I know is I’m supposed to be stubborn, and that is indeed accurate.

    • Oh yes, I like my routines!!! Thanks for stopping by! And yes, the “Followers” are in the 3 digits but I just lost over 150 ppl who subscribed through Google Reader so hopefully they will eventually make their way over here too. Thanks for your continued support.


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